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Real Or Fake? Using Plants And Florals In Your Home Decor

Many of us were born with green thumbs, but even more of us are the opposite - born with black thumbs. I am actually one of the latter. I love to include florals and greenery in my interior design projects. They bring so much color and life to each space. They are just the right finishing touch.

Living Room With Floral Arrangement Centerpiece. Arranged In A Vintage Trophy
Living Room With Floral Arrangement Centerpiece. Arranged In A Vintage Trophy. Designed By Veronica Solomon

While I try to bring in real fresh flowers and greenery as much as possible, most of my clients don't want the maintenance of caring for plants, or the risk of their pets getting hurt, so instead, we go with high quality faux floral and greenery.

In the picture above, I had a floral arrangement on the coffee table custom created in one of my vintage trophies. It includes roses, magnolias and tulips, which are some of favorites. I asked my floral designer to give it an organic look, as if I just cut each flower from my garden, and he delivered.

Quality faux florals can be a bit on the pricier side; especially when you have them custom arranged by a floral designer. You want to choose ones that look, and even feel real.

Faux tulip waterlike
Faux Floral Tulips Waterlike In A Powder Room. Designed By Veronica Solomon

In this image, I included a waterlike vase of tulips in a powder room. Waterlike means that the clear substance in the vase is actually not water, but hardened acrylic.

Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig
Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree In Basket In Lounge Designed By Veronica Solomon

Fiddle leaf figs have been a very popular trend in home decor for the past few years. The real ones are expensive and hard to maintain. I love using them and find that a great quality faux fiddle leaf does the trick. I had this one custom created for this TV lounge to fill a "dead" corner of the room. The greenery adds so much life to the space

Faux Floral Cherry Blossom Waterlike
Cherry Blossom Faux Floral Waterlike In Kitchen. Designed By Veronica Solomon

I love the dimension and height the faux floral cherry blossom adds to this kitchen island. It gives a subtle contrast to the room's color scheme

Faux Dracaena Tree
Faux Dracaena Tree In Living Room. Designed By Veronica Solomon

Dracaena faux tree
Dracaena Faux Tree In Living Room Designed By Veronica Solomon

Faux Dracaena Tree, Faux colorful flowers and faux orchid in living room
Faux Dracaena Tree, Colorful Florals and Faux Orchid In A Living Room Designed By Veronica Solomon

Dracaena, or as I like to call them, pom pom plants show up every so often in my designs. They are my favorite faux tree to bring into my designs. I love the sculptural yet feminine effect they add to a room. They can be custom made in whatever height you need, and perfect to fill an empty corner

Faux Orchid floral arrangement
Faux Orchid Floral Arrangement In A Living Room Vignette. Designed By Veronica Solomon

Mantel styling with faux orchid
Faux Orchid On A Mantel. Designed By Veronica Solomon

Faux Orchid in Living Room Vignette
Faux Orchid In Living Room Vignette Designed By Veronica Solomon

Faux orchids are my all time favorite. They add softness, height and strength to a vignette. I especially love incorporating white because they don't try to grab too much attention, but I have to say I love the oxblood color on this last one.

Colorful faux floral arrangement in a vignette with audobon bird
Colorful Floral Arrangement In A Vignette Designed By Veronica Solomon

I love the look of this colorful arrangement. It feels like wild flowers cut fresh from the garden and beautifully arranged in a high style vignette. How great does it look with the audobon bird?

Faux Hydrangea in a waterlike arrangement in a colorful study
Faux Hydrangeas In An Office Vignette. Designed By Veronica Solomon

You cannot go wrong with an arrangement of hydrangeas, and this faux waterlike is quite stunning in this office space we created a couple of years ago

Faux Mother In Law's Tongue
Faux Mother-In-Law's Tongue Plant In A Boy's Bedroom. Designed By Veronica Solomon

If you need a plant that will look very sculptural and lend itself to a more masculine space, then a mother-in-law's tongue or snake plant is a great addition. In this boy's bedroom we added one in a brass container, and see how real and lovely it looks? Just imagine that vignetter without it.

Faux Palm Leaf Waterlike in dining room
Faux Palm Leaf Waterlike In Dining Room Designed By Veronica Solomon

Faux Palm Greenery Styled On A Bar Cart
Faux Palm Greenery On A Bar Cart Vignette. Designed By Veronica Solomon

Palm leaves in all varieties are very popular these days in decorating, and rightfully so. They offer a very sculptural effect in a room and all you need is a leaf or two to make a statement.

Preserved boxwood topiaries
Preserved Boxwood Topiaries In A Family Room Designed By Veronica Solomon

One way to compromise if you would love to have real plants minus the maintenance is to incorporate preserved boxwood topiaries. These four mini versions on the console table are great for keeping it simple with styling your home

Faux succulents and greenery in a commercial space
Faux Succulents And Greenery In A Commercial Office Space Designed By Veronica Solomon

Real succulents and leafy greenery are actually easy to maintain, but in this commercial office space, I knew that even low maintenance would be too much maintenance for the occupant of this office, so we included faux succulents and leaves.

Branches and Faux Floral Arrangement
Branches and Faux Floral In A Commercial Space. Designed By Veronica Solomon

It is great to incorporate branches to add some texture to a vignette. Here we have real dried branches arranged with faux florals for a very natural and organic look

Faux waterlike with pink roses
Faux Floral Arrangement With Pink Roses. Vignette Designed By Veronica Solomon

Pink Faux Floral Arrangement In Living Room
Bold Living Room Vignette With Pink Faux Floral Arrangement

The above images are two of my most favorite arrangements, because they both add such a feminine touch in the spaces with the use of the pink roses

This is me and my dog, Rufus, surrounded by a lot of my faux plants and florals. As you can see, I love greenery and florals, and yes, most of what I own are faux - very high quality faux.

But every once in a while I enjoy picking up a bouquet or two of fresh flowers. My favorite is tulips.

Veronica Solomon arranging pink tulips in her newly remodeled kitchen
Veronica Solomon Arranging Pink Tulips In Her Newly Remodeled Kitchen

Fresh Pink Tulips On Dining Room Table
Fresh Pink Tulips In A Dining Room Designed By Veronica Solomon

Fresh Orange Tulips On Black And Creme Faux Bone Chest In Foyer
Fresh Orange Tulips In Foyer Designed By Veronica Solomon

Fresh Tulips In A Powder Room
Fresh Tulips In A Blush Powder Room Designed By Veronica Solomon

So there you have it. Now you can have the look of real plants and florals with high quality faux. Did you spot what's real and what's fake?

If you would like the source for any of the florals and greeneries shown in this post, please comment below or send us an email at

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing You Beauty and Inspiration!


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