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Reveal Of A Layered Neutral Living Room

Most prospective clients seek us out for the bold and colorful interiors that we love to do.

Who doesn't love a wild pattern and color mix?

Well, not all our clients want the wild color and pattern mix. We are often asked to create the same layered look that they love from our bold interiors, but using all neutrals or neutrals with a tinge of color.

We love to do these neutral spaces just as much as we love the colorful ones. And we are sure to always include the layering.

We even have a service for the "finishing touches" as we like to call them. Check it out.

In this "formal" living room in Katy, our client wanted a neutral and calming space that she can relax in when she is home from one of her many business trips.

She specifically asked for a tufted leather sofa, because she has always loved the look of them, and this one became the jumping off point for the rest of the space.

The room started out like this with lots of potential with the tall ceiling and big windows. But not much else was going on in there.

I mean, this gold textured ceiling had to be a hot ticket when it was done several years ago. Haha!

BEFORE - Katy Texas Formal Living Room

We wanted to play up the architecture of the space to make the arches feel more intentional, so the first thing I decided to do is add panel mouldings on all the walls.

Not only did the addition of the panel mouldings give the room more architectural significance, it brought the room down a bit to human scale. The miles of sheetrock made it feel uninteresting and bland, and though the footprint of the room is actually small, it felt overwhelming.

We painted the panel mouldings in a warm off-white to give it some depth, and added floor to ceiling semi-sheer draperies in a similar color for a seamless look. This brings in a bit of softness to the windows, and still allows the natural light to filter through.

The draperies done in the same color as the wall helps to maintain the soothing feeling of the room; avoiding a high color contrast between walls and fabric.

The 8' faux Dracaena plant was thoughtfully placed there to bring something a bit more sculptural and textured into the space.

We love using greenery and florals in spaces to bring in some life - even if they are faux (aka permanent botanicals), they still have the same effect - as long as they are of a good quality. You can check out my collection on the website HERE.

When we started renovations, we discovered that there was toxic mold in the house and had to halt all work and bring in a professional remediation team. We will share more about the mold situation in a future post.

The image below is just a tiny part of what we discovered hiding behind the walls.

Toxic Mold Discovered In Our Katy TX Renovation

The modern rug helps to anchor the seating area.

For the seating, I wanted to bring in as much as I could for when my client entertains. The 2 cow hide chairs and bench offers plenty of additional seating.

I just love the coffee table! It brings it several textures, and it is just an interesting conversation piece.

The end tables provide a lot of surfaces for drinks.

Artwork, pillows, books and accessories help add personality, a bit of color and the final layer to the space.

This small space got a big makeover, and we just love all the neutral layers.

What do you think?

Do you prefer a more colorful space, or something more neutral? Sound off in the comments below.

Here's the foyer vignette across the hall from the living room.

If you've been on the fence about scheduling your in home consultation for any of our design services, now is your chance to get in at a reduced rate for a very limited time.

You can access the booking link HERE , or scan the barcode below.

Wishing You Beauty And Inspiration!


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תגובה אחת

01 בנוב׳ 2023

I love everything about this room! And that wall color is a beautiful neutral.

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