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Room Tour Of A Studio Apartment

Happy Monday my Lovelies!

I know how much you all love room tours, so you are in for a treat today! 🙂

Recently I staged a small studio space located on the same property as my design studio for a photo shoot. It is an extra out building that came as part of my lease of the property. It was in pretty rough condition and sat empty for the first year, until I decided to at least redo the flooring.

It was a fun DIY project, where we pulled out the nasty, smelly carpet and added plywood cut into planks and installed as hardwood. Click here to see the post on how we finished this DIY project.

This space became our classroom, where I hold decorating workshops, classes and even art shows.

A few months ago, I decided to stage the space as a studio apartment using furniture and accessories I already owned. Mainly to take photos for my portfolio and to do a video to show my Youtube followers how to maximize space and stage a studio apartment.

You will see that the space is never going to be lived in, since there isn’t a working kitchen or bathroom (although there is plenty of room for them). All the items were removed right after the photo shoot and home-made video and turned back into a classroom. Click here to watch the video

Ready to see the finished space? Here goes………….

Casa Vilora Interiors

Well, maybe before I get to the other AFTER photos, let’s look at where the room started

Casa Vilora Interiors

This is the room right after the carpet was pulled out. You notice the plywood on the floor. These were sheets of cabinet grade plywood cut into 6″x96″ strips.

Casa Vilora Interiors

Here we installed the plywood to look like hardwood. We put a vapor barrier underneath the plywood to protect it.

Casa Vilora Interiors

This is the room right after the plywood was stained. The door pictured here leads into a large area that could be used for a kitchen, bathroom and closet if we ever decide to make it a real studio apartment

For staging, I created five distinct zones in the open space – an entry vignette, an office area, a sleeping area, a sitting room area and a dining room area.

The room has three windows that let in a lot of natural light. I used a cool blue color for the walls, and painted the doors in a sunny yellow. I was going for a fun, whimsical and fresh look. The yellow doors is not for everyone, but I think it adds some interest to the room.

The room didn’t have a designated entry or foyer, so I created an entry vignette with a console table, mirror and some accessories

casa Vilora Interiors

The office area is right by one of the room’s windows, so it is a great area to work. I added a weathered desk and chair, plus added two parsons chairs that could be used for seeing clients, or pulling them into the living or dining area for extra seating

Casa Vilora Interiors

The sleeping area was large enough to accommodate a queen size bed, a nightstand and a bench at the foot of the bed. The upholstered headboard was also a DIY project.

Casa Vilora Interiors

The seating area is also large enough to accommodate seating for about four. There is even enough room to add two small ottomans, which I didn’t do here. I visually separated the bedroom area from the living room area with the placement of the furniture, as well as the tall plant. The plant also acts as a good disguise for the window air conditioning unit.

Casa Vilora Interiors

The dining area consists of a round table and four chairs, and an étagère for displaying a collection of white ceramics. The art on the wall was done by my son, and we used the clipboards as a fun way to display them (mainly because we didn’t want to buy frames 🙂 )

Casa Vilora Interiors

Here are more pictures of the space

Casa Vilora Interiors

This is from the sleeping area looking towards the front door

Casa Vilora Interiors

This was taken from the office area.

More views of the room

Casa Vilora Interiors

Casa Vilora Interiors

Most of the furniture was kept pretty neutral, and color was added through the accents like pillows and art.

Casa Vilora Interiors

So there you have it, a studio apartment staged to maximize the space. I enjoy staging homes for sale, so if you are local to Houston and need staging services, head to my website for more information

Casa Vilora Interiors

My daughter leaves for college in Florida in the next couple of weeks, and we will be decorating a studio apartment for her in the Fall. She wants a Bohemian meets Parisian look, so unfortunately none of these pieces will work for her. I am very excited about helping her make Florida her home for the next few years, by creating a cozy apartment for her.

Thanks for stopping by for the room tour today!

Wishing You Beauty and Inspiration!


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