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See Your Dream Kitchen Before Ever Lifting A Finger

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

A kitchen remodel can be a very daunting undertaking. When you consider all that it is involved, no wonder homeowners get overwhelmed. Not only do you have to consider the layout for functionality, which can vary quite a bit depending on how you use your kitchen, you also have to consider how materials will look together.

What if you are able to “see” your finished kitchen before you even start demo?

Well, that’s when you need to find yourself a designer like me 🙂

SavvyChic Community

You may have heard me talk a lot lately about our new SavvyChic Community coming soon. What’s exciting about it is that you get the awesome chance to follow along as I remodel my brand new builder basic home, that I will be closing on in March. You will get to see layer by layer how some savvy planning, mixed with stylish and chic elements can create your dream space. You will be armed with the ideas and information to do it yourself as an avid DIY-er or decorating enthusiast.

Get ready to be inspired!

This is the kitchen in the new space. Not terrible, but totally not my style, and really uninspiring. I chose the basics – cabinetry, countertop, and I am not even sure what I picked for the backsplash. I knew that everything will be completely redone and styled for the way I live.

Obviously, budget will be a factor, as this home is located in a predominantly first time home buyer neighborhood. Over-improving it would not be a good financial move. Especially since I move quite a bit.

Do you happen to have a kitchen like this? Basic materials that the builder chose for you? Even if you built it from the ground up, you often don’t get very many options, or they are wayyyy expensive, so you end up settling. 

If you can relate, you might want to join my mailing list, and follow along as I remodel this space, and write about it and even do a few videos.

What I like about this kitchen?

  1. The nice big island – I can see a lot of evenings with friends

  2. The counter space – Lots of it. Although I am so not a cook

  3. All the cabinetry for great storage

  4. The bookshelf space in the island – perfect for cook books *ahem*. Maybe that will inspire some cooking classes

  5. The large pantry – let’s just say that my 16 year old son will certainly appreciate it

  6. The window above the sink. This is literally the only one of the 4 homes I have bought over the years with that feature. I have always wanted that

Casa Vilora Interiors Kitchen and Bath Design

Casa Vilora Interiors Kitchen and Bath Design


So, you can see that there is a lot to like about this kitchen.

But I like my new design concept so much better.

This is what we can do for our clients who want us to create a vision for their new kitchen.

We plan and design the layout, create dimensioned floor plans, elevations and cabinet plans, mechanical plans, select materials and even provide photorealistic 3D renderings. This way, you get to “SEE” your dream kitchen before ever lifting a finger. We can even manage the entire project for you if you would much rather just leave it all up to us. Learn more about our Kitchen and Bathroom Packages here

This view shows the countertop with a waterfall edge, and the other just below, without.

This kitchen is exactly my style, and the 3D rendering allows me to see the layout and the materials together. It’s all in my head, as of this blog post. Construction will begin in late March to early April.

In case you didn’t notice right away, there is a whole lot of patterns going on in the kitchen – geometric patterns at that. Some may seem as if they are competing patterns, but the use of classic black, and the marble look porcelain unifies the entire space, and the upper cabinets grab your attention as the focal point.

The upper cabinets, though they may not be practical for most people, they are perfect for me. The glass fronts with the grid style drew my attention immediately when I saw them at KBIS last month. And the fact that they are lighted will create such a warm ambiance. With these cabinets, which open upwards by the way, you have to be super organized, but I am willing to take on that challenge. I will most likely be displaying dishes versus storing dishes. Most of my meals are served from takeout boxes, so should be a piece o’ cake 🙂

Casa Vilora Interiors Kitchen and Bath Remodel

This is the same view without the waterfall edge on the side of the dishwasher cabinet. Waterfall edge countertops are all the rage right now, so adding a tiny bit of what’s trendy is ok. The classic material keeps it from getting too over the top trendy. I feel this is a space I would still enjoy years from now. I know these herringbone floors have been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. That will be a splurge for sure, but I will make it work.

When I present my clients with photorealistic renderings like this, they do have the option to ask for revisions. This is when you want to create those changes; not when you are knee deep in the remodeling process. I believe this helps the project move along faster as well. You can see materials together, almost like in the room itself, so decisions are made very quickly versus when you have to try to envision it from samples. I cannot tell you what an amazing tool this is for my clients. 

Casa Vilora Interiors Kitchen and Bath Design

Another view of the kitchen, looking into the office beyond. You can see that I wanted to see what the island would look like with or without the bookcase cut-out. 

Again, this is the time to do it versus later down the line after the kitchen cabinet fabricator purchases all the materials and puts one in that you later decide you don’t want. 

I like it better without the bookshelves, so decision made. How easy was that? 

Oh, and one more decision that I had to make after putting this in a rendering is whether to have all drawers for the lower cabinets. Drawers in the past don’t work underneath sinks, but cabinet manufacturers now make special custom cut-outs inside the cabinet to accommodate pipes. PERFECT! Now this could have easily been an oversight that would surface on install day, when clearly would be a bit late to address. 

Casa Vilora Interiors Kitchen and Bathroom remodels

Casa Vilora Interiors Kitchen and Bath remodels

When is the right time to start a plan for your kitchen?

I say start right away! Clearly, creating 3D renderings are much less of a commitment than taking a sledge hammer to your cabinets. You could start by making a wish list of how you want your kitchen to layout, and materials you would love to use. Maybe pin a few ideas on Pinterest. Now is the time to dream big! But I would encourage you to reach out to us sooner than later, and we would be happy to create the room for you on paper. 

Want to see more of our 3D renderings? Click here 

You dream it, and we happily create it. Book a consultation to learn more

Stay tuned for more from our SavvyChic Community launch

Wishing You Beauty And Inspiration!


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