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Seventh Time's The Charm Thanks To Better Homes and Gardens

Big announcement! I will be participating in The One Room Challenge as a featured designer this Spring!

If you've been following me for a while, you are likely familiar with the One Room Challenge (ORC). Incase you aren't, the ORC is a twice yearly design/design influencer event where 20 designers are chosen by Founder, Linda Weinstein of Calling It Home Blog, to makeover a room in their home, or a client's home, and blog and post on social media each week about the progress leading up to the big reveal on week 6. Hundreds of other designers and design enthusiasts from all over the world also participate, and it is nothing short of amazing to see these amazing finished rooms done in 6 weeks; and the stories that go along with the rooms.

Each season, there are several sponsors that the featured designers can work with for products for their rooms, and there is also a media sponsor who will feature the rooms of some of the designers. This season (and last) is Better Homes and Gardens. They also get involved in the selection process for the featured designers for the next season, and guess what? They chose me to be one of the 20 featured designers for this Spring! How amazing is that?!

This is the room that caught their eye from last season

This is my blush powder room done in a French eclectic style

Being chosen feels like coming home to me. I have done the ORC 6 times over the years as a participating designer. I first found out about it in 2013 and loved what Linda was doing. In the design industry, designers are most often like the cobbler's kids. Their homes are the last to get done. I was determined to not be a cobbler, and the ORC was a great way to light a fire in me to get my home done. I loved that Linda started that as a way to get a group of designers and bloggers to focus on their homes for 6 weeks. Their homes can not only be their personal havens, but they can also become a great marketing vehicle for their businesses!

The number seven is a very symbolic and significant number for me, which really has nothing to do with luck, despite my post title. The number is rooted in my spiritual convictions and represents how I look at life. So I feel blessed and even led to complete this space, not just for me, but as an example to the designers I mentor, and the clients I seek to inspire.

I am so grateful for this amazing opportunity and I plan to make the most of it. You have to tune in to see this room come together

Take a look back with me to all the spaces I finished over the years for the ORC - many of them led to magazine features and helping to cement my brand and design point of view in the industry.

This is my guest bathroom and son's bathroom that was completed for Spring 2018. This one was an Instagram hit. I think I have received over 20 requests for the cabinet color - it is Benjamin Moore Hunter Green in case you are wondering too.

I was blogging over at The Naked Decorator for all my One Room Challenge spaces, so feel free to hop over there and search for "One Room Challenge" to find all my progress posts of all the rooms. I have stepped away from the Naked Decorator brand image, but there is still hundreds of blog posts and great content on that former blog site.

This one was my study/lounge. I converted a builder basic dining room that I never used into this space that I loved to hang out in. This one almost got picked up for a feature by Refresh Magazine before they permanently stopped the publication

This is my guest bedroom that was done in 2015. The striped floor is actually sheets of plywood cut and applied like hardwood flooring and then painted and sealed. This one was featured in our local Katy Magazine

This one was my son's bedroom. We also did plywood cut into strips for this floor. But we did a very interesting and artistic paint treatment. It was featured on Apartment Therapy

This was my very first one in 2013 or 2014 I believe. It was the dining room vignette in my former design studio. It was n't professionally photographed, but it was as cute as a button

So call me crazy, but each time I participate, I have so much fun and feel so accomplished.

I would love for you to join me on this journey. Tune in for the next six weeks starting next Wednesday, April 3rd to see the progress of the room I will be working on. Any guesses of which room it will be?

Check out my fellow featured designers' Instagram handles. Follow me on Instagram HERE and on Facebook HERE






















Be sure to follow the hashtags as well to see the progress of my space and the rest of the ORC. Next week I will share my personal hashtag as well to follow my specific progress on Instagram.

It will be awesome sauce. I promise!

Wishing You beauty And Inspiration!


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Veronica Solomon
Veronica Solomon
Mar 29, 2019

Thanks for all your support and kind words Jamala. I’m so excited to be doing it for the 7th time. I hope I do you proud with this one

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