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Some Boys Have All The Luck

I don’t get the opportunity to do boys’ rooms very often. So imagine how thrilled I was when I got the chance to decorate this small bedroom for this young man. We will call him “K”.

Casa Vilora Interiors | Katy Interior Designer

We started with just the bunk bed in the room and an old dresser on the wall closest to the room door. The bunk bed was a must keep as K’s two older brothers (who don’t live there full time), needed to have their own spaces when they spent the weekend. You can see that the bunk bed has a trundle, so three boys fit easily and comfortably in this small bedroom.

The first order of business was painting the room in a light gray to freshen things up. The room was formerly painted in a beige flat paint. I kept the original beige paint on the ceiling and trim (which were the same as the wall color before), to tie into the existing draperies which came with the home. I had my painter add the stripes around the room to add  a bit of interest and tie in with the bedding.

The bedding was purchased from Land of Nod. I loved the color combination, and felt that the room could use a pop of color. The yellow was the perfect pop of color that we needed

Casa Vilora Interiors | Katy Interior Designer

We brought in two new dressers for storing K’s clothes. Every boy needs ways to keep themselves organized. K also has a walk-in closet, which, believe it or not, is very organized.

Casa Vilora Interiors | Katy Interior Designer

We also brought in a couple of covered baskets for his toys (not shown)

Casa Vilora Interiors | Katy INterior Designer

It was so much fun working on this bedroom, for a sweet young man. He did tell me that he loves his room. K was very kind and helpful while I was installing his and other rooms in the home

Casa Vilora Interiors | Katy Interior Designer

Katy Interior Designer

Watch for more room tours from this fun project!

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Casa Vilora Interiors

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