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The Bold And The Beautiful

I was recently called upon by my friend Yvette who inherited some beautiful yellow silk draperies in a condo she just purchased. She lives in another state, and traveling to her was out of the question for now.  The perfect way to communicate my ideas and some inspiration to her was through a mood board created in OlioBoard.

Her style is more on the contemporary side – almost masculine, with no frills and ruffles. In fact, she wanted to get rid of the bold and beautiful yellow silk draperies, because to her, they were too showy and much too feminine.

After begging her to step away from the draperies, I promised to put together an eDesign for her that she can implement on her own over time. I had to convince her that I can make the yellow make sense in the room and not be too showy (her word)

Her condo has really high ceilings and large windows. Because she is on the 7th floor, privacy was not a big factor, so she preferred to keep her windows as open as possible.

I recommended that she paints the room in a dark gray to allow the beautiful draperies to stand out in a good way. The floors in her condo are a bit darker than what is shown in the mood board, so I recommended a soft white shag rug to anchor the seating area.

A gray sofa with chaise adds some comfortable seating, and the black and white striped chairs add a bold graphic touch that works great with the yellow draperies.

She nearly flipped a switch when I first told her to add red as the accent color. 🙂 She was trying to minimize the yellow, not add more color! After receiving the mood board, she could see that adding more color actually helps to shift the focus from the yellow and make it blend in more with the overall color scheme.

The light fixture is her favorite element in the design. This one is way over her budget at $17K! (she always had expensive taste). She will use it as an inspiration when she goes shopping for lighting.

I think Yvette loves the look I put together for her. She has already painted and will hopefully be adding furniture and accessories soon. Hopefully I will get the chance to head to Florida soon to see what she’s been up to. I cannot wait to see when it’s all done.

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Wishing You Beauty And Inspiration.

Katy Interior Designer

Veronica Solomon Owner/ lead Designer Casa Vilora Interiors

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