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The One Room Challenge – Parisian Eclectic Powder Room – Week 3

I can’t believe that it is week number 3 of the One Room Challenge. We are officially at the half way point, and I am a bit nervous that I have not yet finalized fabrication of the countertop and shelf for the vanity. I have been at High Point Furniture Market all week for the Fall show, and I am literally just getting home – like actually just brought my suitcase up to my room after walking in from the airport. Yep, I lost a week but will go full steam ahead come tomorrow. Time to play catch up!

If you are new to The Naked Decorator, you may not know what The One Room Challenge is, so here’s a little back story. Linda Weinstein of Calling It Home blog started the challenge back in 2011 as a way to get a few of her design blogger friends to finish a room in their homes over a six week period and blog about the progress and support each other. On week 6, they come together and show off their finished spaces and celebrate. What started out as a way to stay motivated to finish a room in their homes, has grown to a huge challenge with hundreds of participants each Spring and Fall.

Today, the ORC is a global phenomenon. Over 2200 spaces have been made over since its inception! That’s remarkable!

BHG – Media Partner

I am joining in again for the 6th time  as a guest participant. You can check out the featured designers and sponsors here

So, as I mentioned above, I am working on my powder room this time. If you missed week 1 and week 2, go ahead and check them out to get caught up.

I am slightly freaking out because the countertop should have been chosen and fabricated while I was away at market. I was unable to get schedules to match with the fabricator to have the template done before I left last Friday, so I have lost a whole week. Losing a week from a six week project is major! Fingers and toes crossed for me, please!

I ended up choosing this marble, because I wanted it to be dramatic. It is such a small countertop that it needed to have that punch. Hopefully my fabricator still has it. Yikes! I don’t even want to think that it could be gone

Marble For Vanity

The good news is that the pendants arrived – although I have not unboxed them yet. Here’s a reminder of what they look like

The mirror was already delivered to my office, I just need to bring it home. Here it is again

And the room has been painted! Yay! Here’s what it looks like. These are the best shots I can get at this ungodly hour that I am up writing this post 🙂 You definitely should stick around for professional photos in a few weeks

I went with a warm matte pink, which a “different” color for me, but I will try anything once 🙂

So what’s on the agenda for this week?

  1. Get after my stone fabricator and make a mad dash to get this marble done

  2. Get with my reclaimed wood guys. Hopefully they can get this one done really quickly since it is a small job

  3. Electrician needs to come back to hang fixtures

  4. Plumber to install the plumbing fixtures

  5. My drapery workroom to finish the shade

Ok, this list looks manageable – except a whole lot of it depends on other folks, so we shall see

Come back next week to see more from the One Room Challenge, and be sure to look out for my High Point Market roundups as well.

The week 3 link party for all the other guest participants can be accessed here. Be sure to check out the other spaces!

Wishing You Beauty And Inspiration!


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