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Tip For Tuesday: Utilizing Under Bed Storage

Happy Tuesday everyone!

You may see the pattern if you have followed me for a while: Each Tuesday is my Tip for Tuesday series,  where I offer some helpful and simple decorating tips to my readers, that will enhance and beautify their lives, and bring comfort into their homes.

This week’s simple tip is “Utilizing Under Bed Storage”.

For most of us, it is time to pack away the winter jackets and coats, and the fluffy sweaters that kept us warm during this very long, rough winter.

Or maybe you are losing the battle to clutter. It can happen so easily, and before long, clutter has taken over our homes and starts to affect our moods and the way we look at our homes.

I understand that It is not easy finding the space in an average closet or pantry, so we have to get creative with every inch of square footage in our homes. Simple solutions can work wonders for organizing our homes and make us fall in love with them all over again.

under bed storage

Source: Ebay

Underneath beds is the single most wasted space in a home. For the most part they are dust collectors and where you usually find items that you lost over two years ago.

Under bed storage of course is very functional, but there are great ways to make it stylish as well.

under bed storage

Most furniture manufacturers have caught on to this idea and are designing more and more beds with drawers and cubbies

Under bed storage

Source: Mueller Furniture

If you cannot find exactly what you need, have one custom-built like I did in this toddlers’ room.

Kids rooms are great for under bed storage because it helps them get organized

under bed storage

Source: Casa Vilora Interiors

Plastic storage containers are a great option to store away seasonal clothing, files and Christmas decorations

under bed storage

Storage Bags with zipper are wonderful for sweaters and blankets. They give an airtight seal so moths can’t get to them

Baskets are a wonderful way to store away your stuff while adding some beautiful texture

under bed storage

Source: Houzz

Crates are a very unique way to bring in storage while showing your personality and personal design style

Under bed storage

Source: Houzz

Shoes will feel right at home with this shoe storage container

Here are a few more kids rooms decked out with under bed storage and much more

under bed storage

under bed storage

TIP: Incase your bed isn’t high enough underneath, you can add risers to the legs to raise it up at least 3″. Then hide all that unattractiveness with a nice tailored bed-skirt. Just avoid using bricks like I have seen in the past 🙂

under bed storage

Bed Risers


So I encourage you to look at the space underneath your bed for storage solutions

Happy Tuesday!

Be Inspired!

Casa Vilora Interiors

Veronica Solomon, Casa Vilora Interiors

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