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Trendy Or Timeless? Black And Gold Kitchens

Kitchen trends come and go. And because kitchens are typically the space that get the most use in our homes, and where we spend a lot of time, they are the first to dictate when a trend has ran its course.

Black kitchen cabinets with gold accents
Kitchen Design Concept By Casa Vilora Interiors - Elevation 1

Recently I came across a delicious metallic gold mosaic tile that immediately put sugarplum dreams in my head about where I could use it. I began playing with some kitchen design concepts using said gold mosaic tile. If you are a client reading this and would love this to be your dream backsplash, let's do this!

Isn't it gorgeous though?

I immediately thought that it would make a great backsplash in a small kitchen, or a butler's pantry or bar area. I would limit it to a small area for sure, but who knows, I could use this everywhere.

Here is a second concept of the same kitchen layout with the metallic gold mosaic as the backsplash. Try to look past the effect of the rendering. In real life this would be amazing!

They do recommend that you don't use it directly behind a cooktop or in a shower, so this is definitely for illustrative purposes.

Black and gold kitchen concept
Kitchen Concept With Black and Gold

Now I know what you're going to say. Gold has been a huge trend for a while, and it is probably nearing the end of this cycle. And for sure, you may be right! Gold has been a big trend for a while. But gold always, always comes back. The thing though is that it doesn't really come back looking the same. Remember the 80's gold? While I love gold, and use it A LOT, I would think carefully about over-using it in a kitchen, and would apply it a bit more sparingly.

The design concepts above are renderings and really don't show the dimensions and details of the materials as you would in a real kitchen, so I think that these designs in a real kitchen would be amazing, but they are not for everybody.

They would be ideal for someone who is perhaps a bit more fashion-forward and they like classic but cutting-edge. They likely would be someone not afraid of bold choices, bold color and usually push against the expected.

Black and gold done right can be timeless, and always very dramatic. I actually have done this combination several times and love it more each time. This powder room is one of my favorites, and for a lot of clients I have met with since it was done.

Powder Room With Matte Black Walls And Gold Molding Details
Powder Room Designed By Veronica Solomon - Matte Black Walls And Gold Molding Details

Some tips for successfully pulling of black and gold in a kitchen

**Use the combination fairly sparingly - maybe just the island

**Add white to keep it classic. White marble countertops for example

**Use it as just an accent. Instead of all the cabinetry, perhaps just a bank of cabinets or the appliances. There are some stylish black and gold appliances on the market

**Add gold plumbing and light fixtures to a kitchen with black cabinets

**Works great in a tuxedo style kitchen with black base cabinets and white upper cabinets

**Keep the flooring in a warm wood tone (avoid red wood tones)

**Add some greenery to break things up a bit

So what's my final word about black and gold in a kitchen? I would say think about why you want it in the first place. Is it because it's on trend or you really love the combination? I think with the guidance of an interior designer, you can pull of black and gold where it looks classic and timeless with the right balance of each.

If you'd love to create this or any other unique and custom look in your home, reach out anytime. You can book a FREE discovery call HERE


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