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Life as we know it has changed in only a matter of weeks. Many of us are now working from home, some are homeschooling children, while the reality for a lot of other families is having a family member who is an essential worker out there everyday facing unimaginable risks. Let me take this opportunity to thank each one of our essential workers. Your sacrifice does not go unnoticed. We are so thankful for you, and our hearts and prayers go out to you and your families. We pray for your safety and well-being, and for anyone who has suffered any loss of loved ones during this time, we are holding you close in our hearts.

We are all dealing with these changes in our own way. Many people are understandably taking the time to deal with these changes and are focused on keeping their families safe and healthy. For others, sticking to a familiar routine is helping them to cope with the changes they cannot control. For others, they have jumped into action and are lending a hand in whatever way they can in their local and online communities, and even for some, life and business goes on as much as they can at the moment.

However you choose to deal with this global pandemic, we are committed to being here for you and we will continue to serve your needs as best as we can

The reality is that a lot of the projects that we began before this all happened continue to move through the design process. They have no doubt slowed down as we are working through operations shutting down or drastically slowing down from most of our vendors and delivery companies.

Our new construction projects are also continuing to move forward - also a lot slower than normal, as contractors work out schedules to keep their crew members safe.

Our Richmond Project Foyer

We are now making all site visits only on Sundays when there are no workers present on job sites, and of course in protective gear like masks, hats and gloves to minimize contact with surfaces.

The exterior of our Richmond Project

With several new construction projects in the works, we are committed to doing our part to keep them moving forward, while maintaining safety for everyone

The exterior of our Tomball Project

All of our client meetings are being conducted via Facetime, video conferencing or telephone. They have been going very well and nothing has affected the integrity of our projects.

The exterior of our Katy Project

Our other projects that are not new construction also continue as best as we can. We have had to extend the timelines on a few, pending the arrival of furnishings that are now delayed.

We have also seen an uptick in new inquiries for projects. I think some clients are ready for a change, and changing their immediate environment is something they have control over. I truly believe that your home should be a comforting place, especially when the outside world is all but. We are happy to help you do that.

I recently did a video about one of my favorite things in my home, my vast book collection

I am not at all surprised that they are bringing me so much comfort at the moment. Not only am I getting to enjoy reading a few of them, I get to look at their beauty everyday as I work.

Please check out the video and be sure to subscribe to my Youtube Channel

I have also been thinking about changes I can make in my own home. Working from home and experiencing my home a lot more than usual, has brought to mind the areas that I am not very happy with - my back yard and my garage. These are projects that were planned for later this year, and they still may be, but I am just a bit more aware of how much I want to get them completed.

Here 's a video I did asking for some input on what to do with my backyard. You don't want to see the garage. Hahaha.

If you are looking at the parts of your home that aren't working for you, you can definitely reach out now. We are actively taking on projects, but on-boarding just a bit differently. Your satisfaction and convenience is of the utmost importance to us

We invite you to start the process by scheduling a free 30 minute phone discovery session. This can range from the need for an eDesign service to a full service, turn-key service. We can talk through some initial ideas and what is feasible at this time, and set some expectations upfront about timelines, budgets and the creative side of the process. You can schedule one HERE

We are also conducting Virtual 2 hour sessions designed to do a "walk through" of your home and give you ideas about how to solve specific challenges in a space of your choice. You can schedule a two hour Virtual Room Tour HERE. You can even win one free by entering HERE

And if all you need are some quick answers to some burning decorating questions, our one hour Pick My Brain sessions are perfect for that. You can schedule one HERE

Stay tuned for a before and after post coming up soon. If you are not subscribed to Casa Vilora Interiors, you can do so at the top of this page.

All the very best to you

Wishing You Beauty, Inspiration and Good Health!


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