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What DoThe BackStreet Boys Have To Do With Interior Design?

Recently I found myself humming to a song that I used to listen to over and over but hadn’t heard in a while. My 11 year old son Joshua, was a bit curious and asked what song I was “attempting” to sing. I replied “BackStreet Boys – Shape of My Heart”. His first response – “Who are the BackStreet Boys?”. Of course I had to give him a bit of education on one of my all time favorite boy bands. That education of course started on YouTube, and from there we were rocking out to a bunch of their older and newer songs. He was hooked! Seriously! I think he is now the biggest BackStreet Boys fan! :-).

Why did I tell you about that story? Well it got me thinking about Interior Design (like everything else seems to. Inspiration comes from any and everywhere :-)) What always amazes me is how what’s old can become new again, and appreciated by a whole new generation. The BackStreet Boys’ careers may be extinct, but a brand new appreciation for their true talent has developed in my home, and will certainly be shared with friends at school and through social media. Who knows? Maybe there’s hope for the BackStreet Boys being the number one boy band again! 🙂

Case in point – the watercolor trend for 2013. You can find watercolor patterns everywhere from the fashion runway, high end interior fabrics and furnishings to accessories. Click here to see a guest article I wrote recently for Refined Life Luxury Lifestyle Magazine about this trend.

Watercolor pattern was really big in the 80’s! I recall as a young girl seeing the floral chintz fabrics in all their “beauty”. Sure, when an old trend is back en vogue, it is usually with some improvements and definitely more updated. These days, those watercolor patterns are done on some of the most beautiful linens and silks; not so much chintz anymore.

Another new trend is grasscloth wallcoverings, (and wallpaper itself). These were pretty popular back in the 70’s. These days, grasscloth is back and bigger than ever!

eclectic living room, grasscloth

Grasscloth is one of my favorite wallpaper treatments. In fact, it will be on a few walls in my new home. I just love the wonderful natural and rich texture. The picture above is a project I completed about 2 years ago with grasscloth wallpaper on the main focal wall. It definitely adds depth and warmth to this space.

Another trend from a few years ago that is really hot these days is jewel tones, especially in fashion. Jewel tones are rich saturated colors inspired by gemstones like sapphire, emerald, ruby and amethyst.

These days, emerald green is the new color trend. In fact, it was named by Pantone as the color of the year for 2013 and can be seen in everything from fashion to furnishings to home accessories.

What was old is new again is certainly true for fashion. My daughter, who is a budding fashion designer has been very curious about what my style was like as a teenager and what the fashion was like back then. I am quite certain I will be the inspiration for a future runway collection from her 😉

Well the Back Street Boys have nothing to do with interior design, but they are certainly a great example of something that was great in the past providing inspiration for the present. True art form never really dies – “everything old is new again”

What “old” idea or thing have you noticed is new again?

Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for –  announcing the WINNER from my blog post contest than I posted over the long weekend “What’s Wrong With This Picture?” where you, my wonderful readers were asked to guess what’s wrong with this picture? The prize, of course, is a beautiful pair of 18×18 decorative throw pillows.

Before I get to the winner, I’ll tell you what was wrong with the picture: A few of you got it right – What was wrong is I had moving containers from two competing moving/storage companies! PODS and PackRat. Both were 12′ containers (although one looked slightly smaller to me). It is Quite a bit unusual, but believe me there is a long story behind it. Notice also that one container was even sitting at the curb instead of the driveway, which is deep enough to accommodate both. Moving is fun! NOT! 🙂


Ok, time for our WINNER:  Three…Two….One…..

Debbie Conner come on down!!!! You are the lucky winner of the fabulous pair of pillows!! Congratulations!!!! Please click here to send me a private message on Facebook to claim your prize 🙂 I am positive that you will enjoy them!

Thanks to everyone who participated!! 🙂

Please remember to comment and share! 🙂

Click here to contact me.

Be Inspired!

Veronica Solomon

Veronica Solomon

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