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What Is Home To You?

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

I recently saw this quote on one of the blogs that I follow, and it made me smile. I thought it was very cute, and admittedly, very true to my life 🙂


But it also provoked some much deeper thoughts; of what is home to me and my family.

These days, our home is a bit crazy with it being on the market for sale and having strangers walk through constantly – 4 a day at times! This is on top of our normal routines of kids and homework and dog and work……and the list goes on! My kids and I have had to leave the house several times at the most inconvenient times when a potential buyer wants to view the house – right at dinner time, or kids just getting home from school and I’m away at work. I sometimes get annoyed when this happens. “Don’t these potential buyers know that a family still calls this home?” I often whine. But it forces me to really put things into perspective. We are selling it, so really it’s not ours anymore. Is it that it’s hard to let go of something that you’ve poured your heart and hard work into for seven years? But I have realized that home is not the structure that we live in, neither is it the stuff that we’ve filled it up with. Home to me is wherever my kids are, where my dog  is, and anywhere that we get to express ourselves and be who we are, and were created by God to be.

As an Interior Designer, I’ve had the privilege of consulting with several clients in their homes, and I have seen that while everyone desires a beautiful home and beautiful things, it’s ultimately their families that matter most. It almost sounds cliche, but really, think about it. In this memorable scene from the 2010 Amy Adams movie “Leap Year”, where she’s asked “If there was a fire in your home and you could only grab one thing, what would it be?”. For most of us, there isn’t a thought first, instinctively and naturally it would be our families; the one thing that can’t be replaced.

I love to make homes beautiful, that’s what I am wired to do, and for each project I work on, my goal is to keep the family’s needs, lifestyle and personalities in mind. At the end of each day they need to come home to their escape from the crazy big world out there, let their hair down, be themselves and create fond memories. We all have the natural, God-given desire to nest and make a house a home, just like birds and animals in nature.

That’s why it is a great idea to enlist the help of a design professional like the ones at Casa Vilora Interiors. We create an overall plan for you based on your needs and goals, and save you valuable time and money. It’s our job to help you make your home functional, beautiful and comfortable and a true representation of your unique lifestyle and taste. So enjoy your home, make it your own and create those wonderful memories that you can take with you wherever life takes you.

Enjoy the memories!

Be Inspired,

Veronica Solomon

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