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What's So Special About The Modern Farmhouse Style Anyway?

Modern Farmhouse has been all the rage in interior design for a while now. I understand why. Joanna Gaines, who is actually one of my favorite people in the world, has made this look accessible and approachable for the average homeowner.

While it is not my personal aesthetic, or the design style I am usually sought out for, I can totally get on board with creating that look for a client. In fact, I already have, a few times.

Entry Console with mirror and lamps
Living Room Vignette Designed By Veronica Solomon | Photographed By Niki

Modern farmhouse style vignette in living room
Vignette Designed By Veronica Solomon | Photographed By Niki

While I typically don't assign a style label to any of my designs, including the examples in this post, these can be characterized as modern farmhouse based on the overall feeling these spaces create.

A lot of my designer friends push back against this style, but there is no denying that a modern farmhouse space feels fresh, homey and inviting, and these are great reasons for why this look is so popular and desirable. The pushback usually comes from the style being overdone; where some of the design elements are being overused, or used out of context - like the ever popular ship-lap, for example. There are several applications where it makes sense, but if your home's architectural style is not conducive to modern farmhouse, avoid the ship-lap, and try to capture that "farmhouse" feeling in other ways.

I think what makes modern farmhouse so special simply boils down to the feeling of the space. It's always casual, always feels homey, a mix of old with new, layered neutrals, rustic meets refined, livable, simple details, uncluttered, comfortable, unpretentious, country meets city, timeless, classic etc. But then again, any design style can accomplish these same feelings without being defined as modern farmhouse.

Here in this dining room and bedroom below that I completed some 6 years ago - way before the modern farmhouse style took hold, I went for a rustic meets refined look. The architecture of the home is actually a modern Mediterranean home, but the exterior looks very much like some of the modern farmhouses I have seen with the clean lines, white stucco and black windows and trim. The interior is open and the materials used were rustic, yet soft.

Dining room with metallic damask wallpaper by Omexco
Dining Room Designed By Veronica Solomon | Photography By Courtney Morris

Cork wallpaper with metallic silver leaf damask
Bedroom Designed By Veronica Solomon | Photography By Courtney Morris

This studio apartment that I completed about 4 years ago was actually an out-building located on the property of my former design studio. The floors were a DIY project using plywood sheets cut into planks, and then the space was created to feel as open and light as possible. The casual and collected feeling of the space lends itself nicely to that modern farmhouse feel, with no shiplap in sight.

Foyer table with gold mirror and orchid floral arrangement
Foyer Vignette Designed By Veronica Solomon | Photography By Niki

Studio apartment with plywood floor
Studio Apartment Designed By Veronica Solomon

This space was completed about 5 years ago. It was my former design studio. The architecture is a 1908 Victorian style bungalow. Very modest version of Victorian style and could even be described as a farmhouse. The high ceilings and trim details around the windows made it such a charming space.

I wanted to create a collected, casual and character-filled space, and so I brought in a lot of natural elements and layered neutrals with a subtle pop of color. The horizontal striped walls gave it a modern edge

Farmhouse style in a 19th century Victorian bungalow
Living Room Vignette Designed By Veronica Solomon | Photography By Niki

Modern farmhouse decor
Vignette Designed By Veronica Solomon | Photographed By Niki

Modern farmhouse design
Living Room Vignette Designed By Veronica Solomon

Modern farmhouse style interior design
Living Room Vignette Designed By Veronica Solomon

This guest bedroom as well was completed about 4 years ago, and the homeowners were looking for a casual and welcoming feeling for their guests. This was a more dressed up version that gives a nod to a modern farmhouse flavor

Guest bedroom with blues, greens and coral accents
Guest Bedroom Designed By Veronica Solomon

Guest bedroom decor
Guest Bedroom Designed By Veronica Solomon

Whether you decide to go full Joanna Gaines, modern farmhouse style with some industrial elements, or you are just trying to create the feeling in your home, it is important to think about the style of your architecture first. Decide what farmhouse elements you don't need to include, but still get that feeling that you're after. While some of these elements are classic and timeless, the inappropriate or over use of them can become tiring over time.

I am all about not defining any one style in your space anyway. A successfully designed space always has a more layered approach, where it feels like it was developed over time, thus incorporating many different styles and periods.

These days, my clients mostly come to me for a looks similar to the bedroom below, but clearly, I am happy creating your ideal version of luxury in your home. Check out my portfolio for more of my recent work

Romantic master bedroom with bold floral wallpaper
Master Bedroom Design By Veronica Solomon | Photography By Colleen Scott

I am very thoughtful about what I create for you, and my goal is to gently guide you to step outside of your comfort zone, and allow me to design the perfect space for you. It starts with listening to your needs, knowing the right questions to ask, and interpreting exactly what you and your space needs for you to live your best life within its walls and even beyond.

Book an in home consultation to get started on your new space for the coming year - modern farmhouse or not :-)


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