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What Would You Like To Know About Decorating A Room In A Short Time frame On A Small Budget?

I have received countless emails and Facebook private messages from folks who want to know the secret to creating beautiful rooms in their homes in the shortest time frame possible, on a small budget.

It comes as no surprise to me that I get asked this question so often. Everyone desires a beautiful space that will reflect their lifestyle and taste, but don’t always have the time or budget to do a major overhaul. They are just wanting simple tips and ideas that will have a big impact. They are well aware that they need the guidance of a professional Interior Decorator to get it done right.

More times than not, it is busy moms who need practical solutions to keeping their homes organized with young kids in tow. The common thread seems to be, how to blend comfort with function and make it all beautiful in the end. After all, their home is not defined by any one activity (kids’ toys everywhere. Sounds familiar?), but has to function for many activities including dinner party with the Jones’.

Katy Interior Designer

Maybe you are a weekend warrior who desires to get one room of your home decorated in one weekend; maybe you are hosting a dinner party or having friends over and need a quick makeover; maybe you want to transition your toddler’s bedroom into a “big girl or big boy” bedroom; maybe you want to finally create that romantic sanctuary for you and your spouse to escape to (away from the kiddos); maybe you are planning to put the house on the market and move to Paris; or maybe you have a tween boy who has finally agreed to allow you to decorate his room. The reasons for a quick, inexpensive makeover are without limit, and we would like to help!

So I am curious to know how many others out there have specific questions about how to decorate a room in the shortest time frame on a small budget. I wrote an eBook on “How To Create A Beautifully Decorated Room For Under $5000” that you can download here, that has proven to be a wonderful resource for many. But there may be others out there who want more for less. It is possible – not easy – but still possible with the right tools and resources.

I decided to conduct a one question survey so that I can better understand the questions you may have on how to decorate a room in the shortest time frame, on a small budget. Your responses to this one question survey will help me tailor my tips through blog posts, and videos to addressing  these concerns.

Complete The One Question Survey Now!

Fill out my online form.

Imagine the possibilities when you are armed with the right guidance, a game plan and the right resources to makeover home one room at a time, in a reasonable time frame, on a reasonable budget.

Wishing You Beauty And Inspiration!

Katy Interior Designer

Veronica Solomon Owner/ lead Designer Casa Vilora Interiors

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