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When Client And Designer Create Beauty Together - REVEAL Of Our Modern Farmhouse Custom Home

It is a beautiful thing working with clients who know exactly what they want, and in situations where clients don't know exactly what they are after, we are there to guide them too.

Modern Marble Fireplace In Modern Farmhouse
Modern Farmhouse living room with marble two story fireplace. Designed By Veronica Solomon Casa Vilora Interiors

For our Fulshear Modern Farmhouse Project that we completed back in December 2019, my clients knew exactly what they wanted. I worked very closely with Miss R, to create their dream home.

These are amazing clients that I had the pleasure of working with several years before on their former home that they have since sold. This new home is a modern Farmhouse built by one of Houston's premiere homebuilders, Partners In Building, and ticks all the boxes for my clients.

Navy sofas and teal leather chairs with skirt
A tonal blue living room with 2 story windows and linen draperies with accents of orange. Designed By Veronica Solomon

Partners In Building (PIB) allowed my clients to do some amazing customization. They chose a similar floor plan to the model home for their community and then did a ton of customization.

Miss R was very hands on with this part of the process - she sought my input with certain aspects, but worked with the builder to create lots of custom features that were more in keeping with the way they use their home.

Modern Farmhouse kitchen with waterfall quartz countertops, gray and white cabinets and black range hood. Designed By Veronica Solomon in collaboration with Partners In Building

For example, the plan did not include a powder room, and my clients chose to extend the master closets to about twice the size of the floor plan, which also made way for the powder room. The study was elevated from the lower level on the original plan, and they chose to modify that to allow access to the study from the first floor.

An entire wing of the home was modified to include a gym, game room, a room for the dogs, a built-in desk area off the kitchen, a secret room, and a handicap accessible guest suite. The dining room was also extended to allow enough room for a piano.

PIB did an amazing job while still keeping the space open and airy.

Custom dining room with bold black and floral wallpaper and antelope rug. Designed By Veronica Solomon

I am so impressed with my clients and how in-tuned they are to how they truly live in their home. They worked very hard to include all the things that would create a great experience for them in their hone

Living room vignette showcasing a two tone credenza with brass accents. Designed By Veronica Solomon

The next part of the process was the materials and finishes we chose. Miss R also knew what finishes she wanted in the home, but she needed my guidance in making sure there was great flow and cohesiveness. PIB had a vast and beautiful materials to choose from, and even allowed for other materials to be brought in that were outside of their design center selections.

Several meetings later, we created the beautiful palette you see in the fixed elements of the home. The gorgeous flooring, countertops and cabinetry.

The lighting was also an area where Miss R was very hands on with. Like her closet, light fixture selection was near and dear to her heart. Together we fine-tuned some the many selections we explored in the beginning. We had a light fixture allowance to keep in mind, but she wanted statement pieces that still flowed with the space. We ran into a few issues with backorders, but we finally got the most amazing fixtures for each of the areas we focused on - the kitchen, dining room, living room, powder room, breakfast room

Pink ombre wallpaper in powder room. Designed by Veronica Solomon

Next up was window coverings and the furnishings for the spaces mentioned above. After exploring a few options for hard window coverings, we decided to go with shutters for the front of the house. We chose a more modern look with 4.5" louvres with hidden tilt.

Dining room with bold floral wallpaper and gold mirror. Designed by Veronica Solomon

The architecture of the home is modern farmhouse, but my clients wanted the furnishings to be bold, eclectic and classic. They love color, and they are not afraid to go super bold and exciting with color in some areas.

The jumping off point was the wallpaper we chose for the dining room. Miss R loved it immediately! I wasn't surprised. It took a slight bit of convincing on the antelope area rug, but she trusted me with that selection.

Dining room with antelope rug. Designed by Veronica Solomon

We fell in love with the chairs, and upgraded the fabric to this beautiful pomegranate velvet. My clients loved the idea of the bench seating around the table. We added the lounge area because of the piano.

Dining room with piano lounge. Designed by Veronica Solomon

The silk draperies with the trim detail are dramatic and subtle all at the same time. They add such a beautiful dimension to the space.

In the living room, we decided to go a bit less bold with the main pieces and accentuate with bold colors, pulling from the dining room. The spaces are distinctively different, yet they flow very well together.

Living room with new traditional hand knotted wool rug. Designed by Veronica Solomon

The starting point was the beautiful hand-knotted wool rug. Such a classic element but a more modern interpretation. We were able to pull all the colors from there and balance them around the room in the pillows and accessories. The colors relate back to the dining room. The two navy sofas and leather slipcovered-look chairs make for a cozy seating area.

Living room with large light fixture

The white, gauzy linen drapery panels were accented with greek grey trim for a classic touch. This beautiful living room overlooks an amazing pool in the backyard, and the not to be missed custom kitchen and breakfast room nearby.

The waterfall countertop in the kitchen is super dramatic; a feature that my clients knew they wanted from the beginning. Miss R did an amazing job selecting the pulls for the fabulous cabinets

Powder room with geometric black and white cement tile

Powder room with black and white art

I am so happy that my clients went for this wallpaper for the powder room. It still brings in some color, but very much toned down with the ombre effect. I love the colorful artwork created by their daughter.

Foyer with black and white chest

This is the beautiful foyer area. My client sent me the picture of this chest and it was a resounding YES from me. I love the black and white geometric, which works so well with the dining room wallpaper nearby. We love our pattern play, and it is exciting when a client is all on board with that. It always makes for a more dynamic and unique design

The abstract artwork was chosen for the gorgeous colors that relate very well to the dining room wallpaper. And check out the funky hand vase! We always add a touch of fun, whimsy and the unexpected.

Lots of beautiful finishing touches and vignettes add a more personal touch to the spaces

Living room coffee table vignette

Coffee table styling

I am so proud and happy that I had the opportunity to be a part of this project and working with my client and her amazing homebuilding team.

To see more of this beautiful project and others recently added to our portfolio, head there now at THIS LINK

Vignette with quality faux florals

Please reach out if you need help with customizing your home

Wishing You Beauty And Inspiration


*All Photography By Colleen Scott Photography

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Veronica Solomon
Veronica Solomon
Aug 07, 2020

Thank you so much Nikki


Unknown member
Aug 07, 2020

What a stunner!!

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