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Like you, we operate our business with honesty and integrity, and the utmost care and respect for our clients and their needs. Our reputation for excellence is widely known in the community, but if you are not familiar with our firm, we would love the opportunity to prove that your clients are in great hands with us. Simply recommend us to three of your clients and you will see just how much we strive to WOW our clients every time! 

We also ask that you utilize our Gift Certificate Program described below to fully take advantage of our Realtor Loyalty Program


The loyalty program kicks in after successful closing on your first three client referrals and purchase of at least two Gift Certificates. 

Each of your clients after that will receive significant discounts on services and products, and access to key resources, through your partnership with us.

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Welcome to the Casa Vilora Interiors Realtor Loyalty Program. 

We value the patnerships that we have built with numerous realty professionals in the Katy and West Houston area. We believe that working together with home buyers and sellers will strengthen our marketplace and local economy. 

We sought to bring value to you and your clients by providing several resources and programs that will educate, simplify the process, and save your clients time and money

About The Realtor Loyalty Program

As a Loyalty Partner, you are among a group of savvy real estate agents who care about the needs of their buyers and sellers before, during and after closing. You have the desire to provide your clients with the resources and tools necessary to make the process simple and fun. The program is a customer loyalty program and an elite partnership with our design firm. We provide several tools and resources to you as well as your buyers and sellers. We provide concierge level service to your clients to take the overwhelm out of home buying and selling

Benefits Of The Realtor Loyalty Program


When you partner with us, you and your clients will receive the full benefits of having an award-winning design firm with over 11 years of experience at your service. Your clients have access to discounts on services and products that are not available to the general public. We help you help your clients from a design perspective. Are your buyers having trouble seeing the potential in some of the properties you show? Take us a long for a real-time showing consultation, and we will show them the possibilities. Maybe your sellers are having trouble letting go in order to get their home sold for top dollar? Bring us in to help! 

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  • Assistance with space planning even before closing escrow 

  • Referral service for our top trades people  

  • Discounts on staging consultation for sellers

  • Staging services with limited inventory at a special rate  

  • Discounted fee on builder design center appointments for new builds  

  • FREE measure for window treatments and select design services

  • Our Savvy Gift Certificate Program makes it easy to show your clients appreciation

  • Discounted real-time showing consultations with follow-up report. Help your buyers see the potential in a less than ideal home

  • The program is completely free to you and your clients

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As a Realtor, I know you struggle with what to gift your clients with after closing on their new homes.

Why not give them the perfect house warming gift? - A Consultation With A Multi-Award Winning Houston Interior Designer!

That's right! As a Realtor Partner, we will provide you with up to 7 custom Gift Certificates per month, with your headshot and logo, or picture of your client's new home printed right on the gift certificate! What an amazing gift! We know that your client's will appreciate the gift of home sweet home. 

And the best part - No payment upfront! We bill you at your special rate only when your client calls to schedule the consultation.



Here's How It Works

Call our office to have a stack of Gift Certificates sent to you at no charge. 

We will need your headshot and logo 

Gift your buyers and sellers with our Gift Certificates and have them call our office at 281-751-7552 to schedule the consultation. Please give us a heads up via email when you give a Gift Certificate

We will send you an invoice for payment of the face value of the Gift Certificate - The Gift Certificate must be for a minimum of $397 which is a 2 hour consultation at your discounted rate of as a Realtor Partner (our standard rate for an initial consultation is $497 for 2 hours).

You can give any amount over $397. The invoice must be paid before we go out for the consultation.

You can give out as many as you like to your clients. Please let us know when you are almost out

We will provide your client with the same great service and value we do for every Casa Vilora Interiors client