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Welcome To

The Designer On Call Client Portal

Welcome to the Designer On Call Client Portal. Thank you for entrusting us with your home.
We love clients who know what they want, and have a hands-on approach to accomplishing their dream home. We are happy to help and be a resource to you as you implement your own design.
The client portal member area is where we will communicate with each other regarding your design project. You will receive an invitation email from us after purchase of your Designer On Call block of time.  
You are required to create a username and password. Please save the page to your favorites for easy access, or you can use the login button below
Here you will be able to privately communicate via messaging, add attachments and photos and view information we will attach for you.
Please limit all communications to this area so that we can both keep track for future reference. Your time report is also available in the member area. You will be able to view the total time purchased, the time used and how the time was used, and the time remaining. 
You can purchase additional time if needed
Please take the time to review the Designer On Call Terms of Use document when you sign in
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