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Our Mission

We are a customer focused company that operates with honesty and integrity and treat every client the way we would want to be treated. We strive to always exceed our clients' expectations.

We provide exceptional and complete design services to clients who desire unique, well thought-out interior spaces for their homes and small offices.


Our passion for people and helping each client achieve their unique vision for their ideal home and lifestyle, drives us to collaborating with the highest level of trade professionals and design resources. We are committed to continued education and staying up-to-date with current technology and trends in our industry.


Our experience, expertise, and professionalism allow us to consistently complete each project on time, on budget, with exceptional results.


We understand that every project is unique just as you are unique, and that is why we are committed to being flexible and dedicated to considering your needs above all else.


Our design process has been developed over years of operating our business, and we know that the more streamlined the process the better.


We want the result to be successful and far surpass your expectations, therefore we believe in planning for success from the very beginning.

Our design process is the general framework of what to expect throughout the design project.

Our ability to remain flexible and adapt to changes, deliver creative solutions and an exemplary end product are some of our major strengths. 

The ultimate goal is to make the process easy and stress-free for you, and to deliver a result that will far surpass your expectations

Our motto: "Our Clients Never Have To Lift A Finger. We Take Care Of It All For You"

Consultation With Veronica Solomon


After our initial phone call, and we have mutually agreed to move to the next phase in the process, we schedule an in-home consultation.

The consultation is a very important first step. We take the time to get to know you, understand your lifestyle, your needs, your desires, your style, your vision and your goals, by asking the right questions. We also take the time to explain the value that we bring to your project. How we will resolve the challenges you may be experiencing with your current space.

   The consultation is also a work session where we determine project scope, project timeline, project budget and assess feasibility. 

We provide ideas and guidance for your project and an overview of what you can expect during the design process - How we handle the design and research, how we work with contractors and trades, how we manage the products through to installation and how we communicate during the process  

Fee Proposal And Design Agreement


After careful assessment of your needs and the time and resources required to deliver a successful result have been evaluated, we prepare a detailed Design Fee Estimate Proposal and Agreement for your review. This document details the scope of work for the entire project, our design intent and goals, the estimated design fee, the payment terms, the estimated timeline, and the terms and conditions.


The Fee Estimate Proposal And Agreement is approved and initial advance on our design fee received to signal the start of the project.

Please note that the Design Fee Estimate Proposal is not the same as the Design Plan or Design Presentation. The design plan and presentation is developed after this document is signed and the advance on design fee is paid.

Site Measure And Planning Day


A thorough site assessment is imperative to a successful outcome. Being able to "see and feel" the finished space is one of our super powers, even if it is currently a blank slate. During the site measure and planning, we carefully assess and document the conditions of the existing space, take accurate measurements and photographs for reference.


 During this meeting, we also take the time to review in detail how we work with the trades people you will hire to carry out our designs.

We have developed a resource list that we leave with you that will simplify the process for hiring trades people. This resource lists includes a list of suggested trades that you can contact to schedule appointments to obtain quotes and estimates, general questions we suggest you ask each trade, and specific questions depending on their area of expertise.

You are also welcomed to invite your contractors to this meeting to discuss feasibility of initial concepts and ideas.  


Concept Development, Sourcing, Researching, Quotes + Estimates

This is an exciting part of the process. The initial concepts we discussed with you at the consultation are starting to take shape and develop into a full design plan. This is where we draw on our vast skills and resources that will answer your needs and solve the challenges and limitations of the space. 

 We develop these concepts through a thorough plan review, creating 2D and 3D renderings, sketches, elevations, and color schemes.

We also source all materials, fixtures and furnishings.

During this step we are happy to work with the trades people you hire to gather quotes and estimates which we can include in the initial budget, which is also developed during this step

Presentation, Budget, Revision (If Any) & Follow Up Presentation


This is an exciting day! We meet with you to go over the details of your custom design plan. This includes all floor plans, elevations, renderings, color scheme, digital presentation boards, fabric and wallpaper samples, other finish material samples, furniture selections and budget breakdown. 

We believe that this is the opportunity to show you the full potential of your space, and the best option that we believe will address your needs and desires. We will not overwhelm you with several options. We bring the one option that will work for you, because we have taken the time to listen.

This is when the Furnishings Proposal and Agreement is signed and the balance of our design fee, plus 85-100% of the furnishings budget is required.  


A follow up Presentation Meeting, which is the Final Presentation Meeting is sometimes needed if revisions were requested. This involves all the approved elements from the original Design Presentation, plus any new elements that were agreed upon and any revisions requested.

We believe in a collaboration between client and designer and this presentation will address all of your wants and needs, as well as our expert vision for your project, based on previous meetings and discussions. 


The Final Presentation includes concept drawings that you can provide to the trades you hire to carry out the work, color schemes, all furnishings, fabric memos and detailed budget breakdown - item by item. It will all be laid out for you so that you will be able to visualize what the finished space will look like. Any adjustments to the budget due to revisions are agreed upon at this meeting.


Construction Project Oversight + Product Management  


Your time is valuable and knowing that we are handling all of the details of administering our design plan will give you peace of mind.


This is when we get to work with the implementation of our agreed upon role in any construction or renovation included in your project. This usually means that we are meeting with the builders, vendors, fabricators and other contractors that you hired to discuss our plans, and making the agreed upon site visits to ensure that our plans are being carried out according to our specifications. 


In this step we also manage the procurement of all the furnishings and decor products, track and manage all orders, assess lead times, note any back-orders or discontinued items that may delay the project.

During this time, we make sure that our projected timeline is adhered to as best as we can.

Budget Review (Typically Larger Projects With Renovations Involved)


Undergoing a renovation or remodeling project can be overwhelming for clients, and the thought of making decisions on furnishings can only add to that overwhelm; especially where the budget is concerned.


We are dedicated to making the process as stress-free as possible. We know that your ultimate goal is a home that is beautiful, functional and comfortable and therefore the furnishings is an important part and should not be an after-thought based on whatever is left in the budget. The full furnishing of your home needs to be planned for from the very beginning, so that after months or even years of construction, you can truly enjoy your dream home.

A budget review meeting is sometimes necessary on larger projects with renovations involved to ensure that construction costs have not gotten out of control.

While we do not manage the construction side of your project, our design plan always includes a big-picture outlook because we are results-driven. 

We help you evaluate your budget to help you stay on track to get to the ultimate goal of your dream home.

Receipt of Orders and Initial Installations


While you are going about your daily life, we are busy in the background bringing all the pieces together on your behalf. This is by design and a major part of the value that we bring to your project. We handle all the fabrication and production of your custom items, all the installations of custom window treatments as well as receiving of furnishings and taking care of all the quality checks involved.


All furnishings that we ordered are received at our warehouse, inspected for damages, tagged and stored for the big installation day. Claims and reorders are made for any items that arrive damaged. We prefer to install on one day instead of several different deliveries arriving at your home, however, some custom items like window treatments will be installed prior to the big day.

We will communicate with you at least once per week with the progress of products as they arrive. 


Furniture Installation & Styling, Project Reveal, Walk Through


The big day! This is when items are installed and styled for a beautiful and inspiring finish. Installation is typically done in one day or two days.

This is also the exciting moment when we walk through the finished space and point out all the features and benefits of each item, discuss how to care for each piece and any warranties available.

The walk-through may happen on the same day of the reveal or on a separate day. Although we strive for perfection, mistakes or accidents can happen. The final walk through is where you get the chance to point out any deficiencies observed - Items like a small splash of paint on the floor or a small rip on a pillow etc. Items that could have easily been missed during the exciting moment of the reveal.

Resolving Deficiencies


We coordinate with the vendor involved to cure any deficiencies within 14 business days. Thankfully, this step is not needed in most cases as we are very diligent about quality checks before products arrive at your home on installation day. However, we have this measure in place to make sure that you will be happy with your finished space.

Project Closure Meeting & Photography


By now, you are enjoying your new space! How exciting!

We want to ensure that you are fully satisfied. The project closure meeting is a great opportunity for us to get your feedback on your beautiful new space as well as how the design process was for you. We are always striving to improve, and your feedback means the world to us. 

We also love repeat business, referrals and reviews. If you enjoyed working with us, we ask that you share your experience by leaving us a review on Google, or sharing our contact information with your friends and family. And if you are ready to move forward with the next project, we are happy to get started.

We will also discuss a convenient day for us to schedule a professional photographer to shoot pictures of the project. If we intend to have these pictures published in a local or national publication, we will discuss that with you as well.

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The design process is a collaborative effort

By working together and communicating regularly, the project will have a successful ending. 

We believe that for a design to be successful, it should be a collaborative effort between Designer and Client. We rely on the information we obtain during the initial consultation and subsequent meetings to uncover your goals, ideas and design style. We know the right questions to ask to understand your needs and wants.

We pride ourselves on our concierge level of service, where our clients trust the process and will leave all the details of their project in our capable hands. You don't have to lift a finger when you hire us. We curate the ideal version of your dream home, guide you through the design decisions, and once you approve, we manage every detail through to final installation.  


Here's what we need from you to ensure our collaboration is successful. 


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