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A New Favorite Source For Kids’ Furniture

Katy Interior Designer

Image Via Stone and Leigh

I love doing kids rooms. It is fun when you get the opportunity to create a space where you can express their wild imaginations and the funky color schemes they usually come up with.

Recently I was called upon to do an eDesign for a little girls’ room. Her name is Brietta and She is 9. Her mom Jennifer, wanted to give her a sweet bedroom for her 10th birthday which is coming up just before Thanksgiving. She wanted to make sure the room did not look juvenile, and would be able to “grow” with her. Jennifer’s personal taste is rooted in classical details and timelessness, and she wanted the same foundation pieces for Bri’s room without it being stuffy, and too grown up.

I spoke to Bri briefly over Skype (she was not shy at all, and very outspoken 🙂 ), and she told me that she wanted orange, blue and deep pink for her bedroom. Tall order! 🙂 Her exact words were “make sure that it is dark pink because I don’t like baby pink”. Is she a future interior designer or what? I would say so.

Katy Interior Designer

I was sure to honor Miss Bri’s request to a tee. But I had to make sure mom would be happy too. After all, she is the one paying 🙂

I wanted to have the whole room, or at least the headboard wall wrapped in panel moulding, but it was a budget buster. Definitely something they will consider for the future. So instead, I had the room painted in a soft gray (Benjamin Moore Cloud Nine)


Next step was to find one of my vendors who offered kids furniture, but ones with a classic and timeless quality. Stone and Leigh immediately came to mind.

I love that their furniture does not look super child like, so they can definitely transition as your kids get older. There is a lot to choose from and they have several finishes available. One other thing I loved is that they have lots of options for boys rooms too.

I decided to go with the dresser and bookcase from the Clementine Court Collection

Image Via Stone and Leigh

Image Via Stone and Leigh


Image Via Stone and Leigh

Aren’t these pieces gorgeous?

Well you know me. I hate matchy-matchy, so all the other pieces were from several other sources. This will give the room more energy and a more dynamic feel.

I did not get a chance to speak to Bri after delivering the plans, but Jennifer did tell me that she was super excited! They are putting things into action now, and I hope to be able to share a few pictures when it’s all complete in a few months.

if you are considering a makeover for your kids rooms, Stone and Leigh is a great source to check out. We would love to assist you in narrowing down the many options available. We can provide an eDesign service even if you are far away like Brietta. Please head to our website to schedule a 30 minute introduction call or just send us an email

Be sure to take advantage of our FREE resources as well. Lots of designer tips and information to get you started with your decorating projects. Click here

PS. the views and opinions expressed in this post are my honest feedback based on my experience with these products. I was NOT asked by Stone and Leigh to provide a review

Thanks for stopping by today!

Wishing You beauty and Inspiration!


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