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Want A Luxurious Yet Practical Home On A Budget?

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Creating A Nurturing Environment In Your Home

In stressful times, the one place you should be able to look forward to being nurtured and feel safe is your home. It's usually the one environment we have control over, so create a space that will relieve stress and make you worry less.

There are a few key things you can do in your home to create a nurturing environment, that don't require a large investment or a lot of time and effort

A Calming Yet Bold Living Room Designed By Veronica Solomon Casa Vilora Interiors

Surround yourself with familiar things or things that are sentimental and hold emotional value to you. It could be something you inherited from a loved one who is no longer with us. It could be your kids' artwork nicely framed and displayed, or just hanging on the fridge. Whatever helps you connect with your home emotionally, and be a great distraction from things going on in the world that you have no control over

A Collection Of Art Displayed In A Gallery Wall Display

Series of Anime Characters From "Seven Deadly Sins" Created By Joshua Solomon (my son) For Mothers Day 2019

Surround yourself with a collection of things that bring you joy, even if they seem insignificant to others. I personally love books. They just make me feel good. Looking at them displayed throughout my home brings me comfort. Whatever that item is for you, gather them together and display them in a way that you can enjoy them daily

Veronica Solomon's Home Office Showcasing Her Vast Collection Of Books

Surround yourself with color - whatever palette you connect with the most. It could be a monochromatic color palette or bold and daring. Whatever the mood you want to capture in your home, and whatever colors you love, you should live with

A FREE Color Palette That You Are Welcomed To use In Your Own Space

Veronica Solomon In Her Bold And Dramatic Master Bedroom

Make your home as organized as possible. It helps you stress less to have things in their rightful places. There are lots of inexpensive storage solutions available through local and online retail sources. Start by decluttering and make sure everything around you have a purpose. It could be a practical purpose, or something that brings you joy. They need to be nicely displayed in vignettes, and the less attractive ones put away in drawers or behind closed doors

A Laundry Room With Lots Of Storage And Organization

Stock up on necessities. It brings security and peace of mind to have what you need at your finger tips.

Have a Designated Area For Storing Items That You May Be Stocking Up On

Create zones or activity areas where each family member can enjoy their own hobbies and interests. Maybe it is a corner or closet where you go to meditate, or a TV watching area where you binge watch Netflix with the kids, or a reading corner where you can go to read or listen to a podcast or audio book. Carving out your area for a specific purpose makes your home much more nurturing to you

A TV Lounge For Lots Of Hobbies And Interests

A Place For Homework And Video Games In A Teenager's Bedroom

Create an area where you can all come together and enjoy each other. The Living Room is always a great family gathering area, but it could be any room in the house. It should have enough comfortable seating and lounging for every family member.

In this neutral and mostly white living room, lots of performance fabrics were used to ensure worry-free living

A Family Living Space With Lots Of Performance Fabrics

Create your ideal luxury - whatever that means to you.

Luxury does not have to be defined by dollar signs but whatever makes your heart sing. Having your version of luxury in your home makes you want to hang out there

Veronica Solomon In Her Luxurious Bath Tub Enjoying A Glass Of.....Pomegranate Juice

Health and wellness is always important and your home should support that.

A Beautiful Powder Room For Regular Handwashing

A Luxurious Smart Toilet With Bidet Feature Enhances Cleanliness

A bit of indulgence can go a long way. Cooking a great meal with the family, or making cupcakes or whatever indulges the senses. Create a space in your home to make that possible

Veronica Solomon And Her Children In the Kitchen

Getting work done at home is actually very comforting for me. I am sure if you are a leader in your field, having that ability to continue business as much as possible will allow for some peace of mind.

A well designed home office can help you get some work done and take away some of the stress

In these very uncertain times, it is nice to know that your home can aid in your wellness and health and be a place that nurtures you.

We have a vast menu of design services that does not require a full service commitment. Take a look and see what service is right for you. We are available to support you in your gaol for a calm and healthy home. Click HERE to check out our services menu

Wishing You Beauty And Inspiration.......And Calm In The Eye Of The Storm.


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