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Design A Cute Guest Bathroom On A Budget With Lamps Plus

I am sure you have heard of Lamps Plus before. If you haven't, I invite you to go check them out HERE.

Lamps Plus is known for their wide array of lighting of all types from some of the top lighting brands. But did you know that Lamps plus also sells furniture and bathroom vanities, some that are exclusives? That's what the plus is for - lighting plus furnishings, down to pillows and accessories.

I have been a customer of Lamps Plus for a long time, and so I was excited to see that they were one of the sponsors of the Modenus Designhounds Tour at KBIS Las Vegas that I was a part of just a couple of weeks ago.

I had the pleasure of touring their booth and getting the inside scoop about their product offerings.

Even being a customer for a long time, I did not realize that they had exclusive products that can only be found on Lamps Plus, and I didn't realize what a wide range of bathroom vanities they carried.

I am working with a young couple now on 2 small bathrooms in their new home, and we were able to find the perfect vanities, mirrors and lighting from Lamps Plus' wide selection. With Lamps Plus, you can design a cute kids', guest bathroom and even your master retreat very affordably.

Click HERE for a download with links to the products in the moodboard above.

Here are a few more of my favorites:

I love the brass hardware on this one. I could see this even in a master bathroom

And this one would look great in a powder room. Imagine really dark walls - maybe painted or wallpapered for a really glam look

They even have really modern wall-mounted vanities

of course Lamps Plus' selection of lighting is great. You can find pretty much anything you need for your bathroom, kitchen and every other room in your home. I also love sourcing all my fans from Lamps Plus. Check out a few of the great options that were displayed in their booth at KBIS.

I have found all the outdoor lighting I will need for an upcoming project.

See these and more at Lamps Plus

If you need a designer eye in curating some great selections from Lamps Plus, book a consultation or a free phone session HERE

Wishing You Beauty and Inspiration


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Veronica Solomon
Veronica Solomon
12 במרץ 2019

It’s not hard, but it will require some demo. Two issues you may run into that you need to plan for - the tile floor may not run underneath the existing vanity and you may need matching pieces if your new vanity is open at the bottom. You may also need a new p-trap (the plastic pipe under the sink) because if your vanity is open, the plastic one may be visible, and isn’t as attractive. If you will also change plumbing fixtures, try to get the same brand as the existing, to make sure you have the right valves.


Sarah Rasnick
Sarah Rasnick
11 במרץ 2019

How hard is it to replace builder grade cabinet in the guest bath?

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