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Favorite Wallpapers That Wow

We use a lot of wallpaper here at Casa Vilora, and we are always asked about them on social media. I decided to curate some of my all time favorites complete with links for you to access and purchase if you like.

I love a bold pattern when it comes to wallpaper. The drama it adds to a space is second to none.

I am happy to see that these days, more and more consumers are seeing the appeal of wallpaper.

This Japanese Cranes wallpaper by Milton and King makes a dramatic appearance in my personal laundry room.

Here is the Japanese Crane wallpaper in a laundry room

Katy TX Laundry Room

This bold Dark floral by Ellie Cashman has become somewhat of an icon. Here we used it on an accent wall in a master bedroom.

We used the Ellie Cashman Dark Floral in this very romantic master bedroom in Magnolia TX

Bedroom In Magnolia TX

I love a bit of whimsy, and I would be remiss to not include this fanciful whimsical paper.

Here is the concept for a trade show space we designed using the Savuti Dark Petrol wallpaper.

3D Rendering Of Trade Show Space

Here in this dining room we used the Pandora wallpaper in black

Fulshear TX Dining Room

Here we used the black version of the Chiang Mai wallpaper. How bold!

Powder Room Katy TX With Chiang Mai Wallpaper

We just installed the beautiful Miami by Cole and Son in a powder room in Spring. We can't wait to photograph it.

We used the neutral version of the Tatami in this powder room for. amore earthy, afro-centric vibe like the rest of this home

The gorgeous Queen of Spain wallpaper is an industry favorite

We used the warm silver version in a lady's office a few years ago. I just love it.

Queen Of Spain In An Office Space

This beautiful wallpaper is perfect in pretty much any space that aspires to connect to nature.

We used the woods wallpaper in a boys' bedroom in Magnolia TX for a rustic and woodsy vibe

Woods Wallpaper

Here we designed this cowork space in a commercial office using the Zebrawood paper.

3D Rendering Of CoWork Space Using Zebrawood Wallpaper

I get pushback on this one a lot. Most people don't love the idea of snake print in their home. But I think it is sexy and mysterious.

Jungle Heritage