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One Room Challenge – Builder Basic To Sophisticated Guest Bathroom – REVEAL

Woohoo! It’s the finish line! Amazing right? Amazing that a bathroom could be completed within 6 weeks – really it’s 5 weeks, since the last week is spent scheduling photography and shooting the space. I am so glad we are here, and I am so excited to show you the finished space. Even my son Josh, who never just hands out compliments (unless it’s time for a new video game) was ooo-ing and ahh-ing over the new space.

I have so many of my support team to thank for jumping in and helping me out at the last minute, but I will do a final resources post next week, so come back for that. I will share with you all the resources I pulled together to pull off this bathroom makeover, and even where the budget ended up….it wasn’t $5k as planned. Haha! Even us designers have bigger eyes than our bank accounts. Haha. I did exercise some restraint and made a few compromises along the way that I will share with you as well

If you are new around here and totally confused, allow me to fill you in a bit. You are looking at the big reveal for the One Room Challenge (ORC). It is a designer/blogger decorating challenge started by Linda of Calling It Home Blog that happens every Spring and Fall. 20 featured designers/bloggers are asked to makeover a room in their home, or a client’s home and blog about it over a six week period leading up to the big reveal on week 6. Anyone else can join in as guest participants and makeover a room in their home as well. Each week we share the progress in a link up group and we get the opportunity to check out each other’s spaces. The ORC has grown to include over 200 guest participants each Spring and Fall, and lots of sponsors including media sponsors like House Beautiful Magazine

This is my 5th time participating – maybe I will get lucky and my room will get featured? Would be nice. Haha. Buuuuut, take a look back with me at how the bathroom developed. Check out week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4, and week 5. You will find some of the other reveals I did back in the day in week 1

So now that we are up to speed, how about some cool stuff? 🙂

Guest Bathroom Makeover, One Room Challenge

Ta-Dah! Here is the small bathroom in all its black, white and green glory! Black has been my jam for perhaps way too long now, but I can’t see letting it go any time soon.

If you have followed me for a while now, you know I love color. So it was only natural that I brought color into the room in a unique way. Well, green cabinets are not so unique these days actually, but you will be amazed to see where they started. Just stick with me….I know you’re here for the photos. Haha.

This was my inspiration as far as the color palette. This bathroom I completed last year in my design studio. I loved the color palette so much that I wanted to do it again, in a less dressed-up way; more suited as a guest bathroom that will be used everyday by a 16 year old boy. I think the finished guest bathroom has just the right amount of sophistication without the formality

You can see that I pulled from all the materials in the studio bathroom, but downplayed them a bit for the guest bathroom. The marble hex tiles on the floor was translated into less formal white 10×10 hex tiles on the shower wall and small hex mosaics on the bathroom and shower floor.

I had to compromise a bit on the shower door. I had my heart set on the grid style…….until I started pricing it out.

Guest Bathroom Makeover for the One Room Challenge

Guest Bathroom Makeover for One Room Challenge

Notice the same hex mosaic is carried into the small soap niche of the shower wall? I just love that little detail. It makes such a big difference overall.

Guest Bathroom Makeover For The One Room Challenge

The gold accents from my inspiration powder room were also translated in the guest bathroom in a less formal way through the plumbing fixtures, mirror and accessories

Even the millwork was translated into a more appropriate application in the guest bathroom.

Guest Bathroom Makeover for One Room Challenge

The art I chose also pulls from the graphic art in the inspiration studio bathroom, but a much softer and organic version

Should we pause and look at some before shots? Let’s….

So just a brief back story: I closed escrow on this brand new builder basic home about 2 months ago. The plan was to buy at the lower end of my budget and use the remaining funds to upgrade over time, room by room. I of course wanted to share some of my adventures with you, and the ORC was a great way to kick start the renovations. I am in the middle of my kitchen renovation as well.

The materials in the bathroom were brand new; as in, never used! But you can see they were blah and basic. I struggled with the decision to pull out the tub for a shower, because this is one of 2.5 bathrooms in the house – the master does not have a tub, and it really is best to have at least one bath tub in a home located in a family-oriented neighborhood (for resale). I decided that I would rather plan my home for the way I live, rather than for the way someone else will live. I also have no plans to move anytime soon! This move was killer (not in a good way 🙂 )

You can see that the cabinets were actually custom refaced and painted, as well as the awkward vanity opening was turned into open storage, and even a storage tower added.

You can never have too much storage.

Guest Bathroom Makeover for the One Room Challenge

The countertop in the old bathroom was actually not bad at all. It was a quartz. I thought about keeping it, until I found this marble remnant at one of my stone suppliers. It was pretty much a throw-away piece that they were able to salvage and fabricate into this beauty! All for a fraction of the cost of marble!

Guest Bathroom Makeover For The One Room Challenge

The opinions on the fabric for the faux roman shade was pretty unanimous. I asked for your opinions on which fabric to choose, and most of you chose the chinoiserie shown below; which also happened to be my favorite. My workroom really pulled off a quick one for me, and even installed on a Sunday.

You will notice that it is a bit wider than the window, which is only because my shutter has not yet arrived. The shutter will have a 2.5″ frame and a 3.5″ projection

Guest Bathroom Makeover For The One Room Challenge

Here’s a closer look at the gorgeous linen fabric

Guest Bathroom Makeover For The One Room Challenge

I purchased a gorgeous matte black towel bar that I decided not to use after all, because the only place for it was underneath the artwork, and I totally did not want to cover my gorgeous wainscoting with towels at all. Instead I opted for a hook on the back of the door

Guest Bathroom Makeover For The One Room Challenge

One thing that didn’t end up getting changed out was the door knob, but I will get to it eventually when I am changing them out in the rest of the house. Did you even notice? Haha

Guest Bathroom Makeover For The One Room Challenge

I gotta tell you that when I first pulled that mirror out of the box I was just a bit freaked out that it is too large. It is the perfect size for the vanity area. What was I freaking out about? Haha.

Oh, I almost forgot to show you the moodboard  and plan again. You will notice that a few things changed: As I mentioned, the grid door was crazy pricey and would take forever to arrive; I chose a different faucet from the one shown. That was also going to take a while to arrive; the sink was just a stand-in, and I decided later down the line what I really wanted; I decided painting inside the cabinets in the lighter green was just extra work on an already tight timeline; and I decided not to install the ceiling light after all. It found a home in my closet.

bathroom Floor Plan

Guest Bathroom Makeover For The One Room Challenge

So here is moi all bright and colorful in the bathroom. I actually coordinate with the faux roman shade. Haha. I swear it wasn’t planned

Now that you have seen the before, during, and now the BIG REVEAL, what do you think?

Could you see a bathroom like this in your home? I can help make it happen 🙂 . Head to my scheduling platform on my website to book a consultation

I invite you to check out some of the other finished spaces by clicking here.

Come back next week where I will share the resources I pulled together for my bathroom makeover, and what I ended up spending. You don’t want to miss that!

Thank you for checking it out!

Photography by Colleen Scott Photography


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