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One Room Challenge – Builder Grade To Sophisticated Guest Bathroom – Week 4

Week 4 is when I usually start questioning if I will be finished in time for the big reveal on week 6. After participating 4 times before now in the One Room Challenge (ORC), you would think that I would know by now that it will work out just fine. But it gets a bit worrisome when you are doing a bathroom, and a lot of work depends on others to complete

In case you are new to The Naked Decorator, welcome! And what I am going on about is a decorating challenge hosted by Linda, a designer/Blogger at Calling It Home, where she invites 20 featured designers to participate in a six week challenge to decorate a room in their home or a client’s home, and blog about it each Wednesday over a six week period leading up to the big reveal on week 6. This started years ago and has grown to include amazing sponsors, including media sponsors. Any designer/blogger can join in as a guest participant and update the progress of their space each Thursday through a link sharing app. Each challenge has over 200 guest participants each Spring and Fall. I have joined as a guest participant each time.

As I mentioned, this is my 5th time participating. You can go back to week one where I linked back to my previous reveals. You can also catch weeks 2 and 3 here and here

Ok, all caught up………

Here is the plan again.

bathroom makeover

bathroom Floor Plan

As I mentioned, the bathroom will not only be used by my son, it is also the guest bathroom, so I wanted it to be inviting and stylish.

I am just  a lover of the color black, and I use it every chance I get. It is classic; it is dramatic; it is sophisticated; it is clean; it is crisp, and might I even say, it is sexy

I shared my own studio powder room that I finished back in December, and I am using a similar color palette – but that is all they will have in common

Black powder room with marble vanity

I will keep the overall look of the finished bathroom a bit more casual, but still dramatic. This vignette from The Tile Shop in Sugarland inspired the choices I made for this bathroom makeover

So what did we get done this week?

The shower head was installed and my carpenter began working on the modifications for the cabinetry. The counter top was also measured and should be in production and will be installed soon. I ma so excited about seeing what that marble remnant will look like

Let’s look at the progress.

Guest Bathroom Makeover

Here you can see where my carpenter removed the drawer and door fronts and custom made shaker styled doors and drawer fronts. It will just be a much cleaner look, especially since they will be painted green

Guest Bathroom Makeover

The walls will be wrapped in wainscoting, so you are looking at the beginning of that

Guest Bathroom Makeover

We are adding some open shelves in the open vanity area

Guest Bathroom Makeover

We are adding a tower for extra storage on the vanity. You can never have too much storage in a small bathroom. That extra storage area is where all the guest items will be stored – away from my messy son

Guest Bathroom Makeover

The shower head looks quite handsome in the shower, We should be getting the shower door installed tomorrow

Guest Bathroom Makeover

the round mirror for the vanity also arrived. There it is sitting in the shower

Guest Bathroom Makeover

Hopefully by next week I will have the cabinetry done and painted and the shower door in.

That’s the update for this week. Come back next week as I show you more! And the following week will be reveal day! Yes!

Wishing You Beauty And Inspiration,


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