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One Room Challenge Spring 2019 - Week 4 - It's Crunch Time

Updated: May 4, 2019

Oh boy! Nervous! Excited! Panicked! Ecstatic! Ready? Nope! This is the crazy part of the One Room Challenge, when on week 4 technically instead of two more weeks to complete your space, you really only have days, since it has to be completed and photographed; giving your photographer enough time to do post-shoot edits.

Image Via Artist Hunt Slonem - Available For Purchase

It's nothing new to me. After doing the One Room Challenge six times already, I know the drill. But that still never prepares me for crunch time. It is always an intense feeling of "what am I forgetting to do?" Funny that I am always super organized with my design projects for clients, and never experience this....then again, I usually have more than six weeks to finish. Haha

New around here and not sure what the One Room Challenge is? Well, it is a genius designers' challenge that is the brainchild of Linda Weinstein of Calling It Home Blog. 20 featured designers are chosen to makeover a space in their home or the home of a client, and each week blog about the progress leading up to the big reveal of the beautifully finished spaces on week 6.

This season's featured designers

Hundreds of guest participants also makeover rooms and join in on the fun. It is a huge media sensation and wildly anticipated within the industry each Spring and Fall.

Our media partner, Better Homes and Gardens chose me as one of the 20 featured designers, and I cannot tell you what an honor it is.

Here are the official sponsors for this Spring's ORC. Aren't they a great group?

I am so thrilled to feature the products of quite a few of our official sponsors in my space (Emtek, NDI, Hudson Valley, Scout Design Studio, Minted, Metrie, Varaluz, Lamps Plus, Arianna Belle, Fabricut, LeGrand, Pacific Designs, Couture Lamp). And in addition, a group of some very special vendors that I do business with stepped up to become sponsors - Kravet, Helser Brothers, Kelly-Moore Paints, Creative Style Furniture, Laura Rathe Fine Arts, S&L Designs

I am so thankful for the outpouring of generosity

Wondering About My Progress?

I did get a lot accomplished this past week, and I am super excited about partnering with Laura Rathe Fine Art, to display one of Hunt Slonem's beautiful bunnies in my bedroom. That's the big secret I was dying to share from last week's post.

As you may already know, my custom duvet cover is the gorgeous Hutch print by Groundworks at Lee Jofa that depicts the cute little bunnies that Hunt Slonem is so well known for, so it made total sense to incorporate it into the artwork as well.

Hutch Print By Groundworks Lee Jofa

I have long dreamed about owning a Hunt Slonem original - not quite there yet, but Laura Rathe has agreed to loan me one piece from her collection for my room reveal. The piece will be available for sale, and I will see if I can convince her to extend a discount if you purchase through my reveal post coming up on May 8th.

You will have to come back to see which one I will be displaying in my space. And be prepared to be the owner of a Hunt Slonem original :-)

So besides that big news, what else did I accomplish?

Well, the gorgeous ceiling is painted and the pin stripe detail done. Thanks for my painter Francisco. It looks so rich!

I am so pleased with the Metrie moldings I chose. This detail creates that timeless feeling I love to incorporate into every space.

A little tip - Timeless does not have to mean doing it exactly the same. You can take a risk, or add a bit of a modern spin. The addition of the painted black detail adds that modern vibe I also love to include in my spaces for a layered and eclectic feel.

The Kelly-Moore Paints I chose for this application was so easy for the painters to apply. excellent coverage. I will be using Kelly-Moore in my bathroom renovation as well, so I hope you subscribe to the blog to keep up with that project as well. It's a can't miss!

Ceiling Detail For Master Bedroom

My beautiful Hudson Valley light fixture was installed a day ago, and it is as beautiful as I knew it would be! I am so happy. It's missing bulbs right now :-)

A Glimpse Of The Hudson Valley Chandelier

And in case you are not familiar with sexy electrical parts, you have to take a look at LeGrand Adorne switches, outlets and plates. I chose the magnesium finish and they will look so sexy against my Pacific Designs wallpaper that is being installed as we speak. So excited

I have been intentionally not giving a way too much as far as the wallpaper because I want you to stay tuned to see it. It will be so dramatic, moody and sexy!

LeGrand Dimmer Switch

Legrand USB Outlet And Plate

My bathroom renovation has been kinda holding up the progress of my ORC bedroom, but it will be pretty awesome too. Lots going on in there, and it is still quite messy and dusty. I am really concerned about the wallpaper going in with still so much heavy duty work going on in the bathroom, but it has to be done to keep on track. The plan is to literally cover the walls in plastic for a few days. Yep. It is crunch time. No time to lose.

I can't wait for that big reveal in a few weeks though. It will be great.

A Glimpse Of The Shower Wall In Master Bathroom With Porcelain Slabss

Bathroom Floor Tile Going In

Oh, and did you see the door hardware? These amazing levers are from Emtek, and you have to take a look at the beautiful options you can choose to create your custom door hardware. Let's just say it was hard to choose because they were all so gorgeous!

Emtek Door Hardware

The two-toned knurled style was my choice finally, and it is amazing. It will definitely step up my door hardware game, majorly!

My custom S&L Designs bed is being installed on Monday and the current monstrosity that I own will be moved to storage. My custom upholstered pieces (sofa, upholstered desk and chair) being made by Creative Style Furniture will be installed around that time too, and then I can start putting the room together. Fun! Fun!

Here's a reminder of the concept for the room

And this is where we started......

Yep, the definition of "hot mess" Haha

Let's just say that the next week will be non-stop, but I am so excited and can't wait to see it complete

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Wishing You Beauty And Inspiration!


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