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Pamper The Pooches In Your Life With A Wellborn Cabinet Dog Spa In the Laundry Room

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

The trend has been leaning towards casual, and real family living for a while, and that also includes our beloved pets.

Wellborn Cabinet is pulling out the stops with a fully functioning dog spa in the laundry room, so Fido can feel like the part of family that he is. This is a trend I am sure my doggie Rufus will totally embrace.

Wellborn Cabinetry Dog Spa
Wellborn Cabinet Laundry Room With Dog Spa

This vignette was quite the hit at the Kitchen And Bath Industry Show (KBIS) this past week.

This extremely organized laundry room is complete with a spot for your pets to sleep, eat, and even a shower to bathe them. I love how the designer of this vignette chose a color palette of mid-tone gray to hide all the dirt, grime and hair.

Having your pet so close can make even the mundane task of doing laundry more enjoyable.

Dog Shower Area With Decorative Tile

Wellborn’s Premier Series was used throughout this design, with the Saybrook door style in Maple and complete in their newly launched Gray Mist with a Granite glaze. The Saybrook door is from Wellborn’s Medium Density Fiberboard Door Collection.

Every drawer and door have the soft close mechanism, and they close tight to the cabinet frame with just a touch. The cabinetry has quality 5/8” hardwood dovetail joints providing strength and durability for a lifetime.

Wellborn Cabinetry
Wellborn Cabinetry Premier Series Features

The gray tones are at the core of any contemporary interior scheme and provide the crisp and clean foundations needed to incorporate the look. The green tiling and wall color are subtle accent colors which enhance the overarching contemporary feel.

Let's check out some of the details of the laundry room and dog spa

Feeding Bowls In Toe Kick
Feeding Bowls In Toe Kick Below Sink Cabinet

Wellborn Cabinetry Pet Spa
Wellborn Cabinet Pet Spa Vignette At KBIS 2019

The apron front sink base cabinet includes a pull out feeding station for the pets, and doggie bed in the cabinet

Pull Out trays on island- Wellborn Cabinetry Booth At KBIS 2019
Pull Out Trays Keep Thing Organized #WellbornCabinet

The island has a dual purpose of folding clothes and grooming pets. With matching end panels, the island complements the rest of the room. The top opens, and the two doors fold over the sides of the island, allowing for complete grooming capabilities.

There are functional outlets on the island so the cords won’t create a tangled mess. Notice the matching base end panels that compliment the door facings for a more custom look. Wainscot base panels were applied to complete the custom look as well.

More Functionality

Drawer Dividers By Wellborn Cabinetry
Drawer Dividers For More Organization

Pull Out Trash Cans Wellborn Cabinetry
Pull Out Trash Cans

Wellborn Cabinetry Pull Out Vertical Storage
Pull Out Vertical Storage For Food

EZ Reach Corner Cabinets
EZ Reach Corner Cabinets By Wellborn Cabinetry.

Super easy to reach laundry detergents tucked away in the back. No wasted space

Wellborn Cabinetry Clothes Rack
Clothes Rack

Clothes racks are a must-have in any laundry room

Finishing trim details and wainscoting for a custom look

Under Cabinet Lighting
Under Cabinet Lighting

A Bit About Wellborn Cabinet

Since 1961, the Wellborn family has owned and operated Wellborn Cabinet, Inc, located in Ashland, Alabama. Their goal is to provide kitchen and bath cabinets crafted by dedicated Wellborn employees with the utmost quality and care.

Today, over 55 years later, the Wellborn Cabinet product line has broadened to include cabinetry and storage solutions to help their customers maximize their total home living space.

Not only does Wellborn Cabinet make quality cabinetry right here in the United States, they are also committed to preserving the environment. The Green Statement found on their website (and I quote) proves that they more than just talk about it. It is a way of life for them.

"Environmental stewardship has been part of Wellborn’s culture since its beginning. This responsibility has always been about more than just words and has been proven through decades of actions, investments, and practices.

At Wellborn we have recycling programs that utilize wood waste to generate power and steam and continue to lower VOC emissions through technology.

We also partner with our suppliers to improve their environmental programs, and this is why you will find the KCMA Environmental Stewardship Program seal on our cabinetry.

The Green Choice program ensures that you are purchasing a brand of cabinets from a company that takes conscious steps to protect and minimize the overall impact on the environment."

More From The Wellborn Cabinet Line

Wellborn Cabinetry Rustic Kitchen With Blue Range
Wellborn Cabinet Rustic Kitchen

Wellborn Cabinetry Rustic Kitchen
Wellborn Cabinet Rustic Kitchen

Red And White Modern European Kitchen From Wellborn
Red and White Modern European Kitchen From Wellborn

Girl's Vanity Cabinet by Wellborn Cabinetry
Girl's Vanity Cabinet

Zen Spa Bathroom
Zen Spa Bathroom By Wellborn Cabinet

Master Retreat By Wellborn Cabinetry
Indulgent Master Retreat By Wellborn Cabinet

Powder Room By Wellborn Cabinetry
Wellborn Cabinetry Powder Room

Not Just Kitchen, Bathrooms and Laundry Rooms

Wellborn Cabinet features many product lines that offer cabinetry for every day living for every room of the home.

They have options that allow you to create exactly what you need, for each room to function for your lifestyle. Whether you are building your dream home with all the bells and whistles, or an affordable first home, there is something for everyone in their vast product line

Foyer With Built-in Cabinetry Under Stairs
Foyer With Built-Ins Under Stairs - By Welborn Cabinet

Storage Under Stairs
Foyer With Built-In Storage

Modern Office Space
Modern Office With Desk Surface That Lifts By Wellborn Cabinetry

Hidden storage for CPU
CPU Storage By Wellborn Cabinetry

Functional Office Drawer By Wellborn Cabinetry

Purple Entertainment Cabinet By Wellborn Cabinetry
Purple Entertainment Cabinet By Wellborn Cabinetry

Entertainment Center By Wellborn Cabinetry
Entertainment Center By Wellborn Cabinetry

Gentleman Bar Area
Gentleman Bar Area By Wellborn Cabinetry

Aren't the cabinetry so beautiful and functional? So many options.

If you are ready to get your kitchen or bathroom project started, reach out anytime. You can book a consultation right from our scheduling platform. Click HERE to book a free phone session or an in home consultation

Find out more at their website, HERE and follow Wellborn on Instagram HERE

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