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Planning A Bathroom Remodel? Get Inspiration From A Luxury Bathroom Tour

Bathroom remodels can be a very overwhelming process for anyone, but add flooding from Hurricane Harvey into the mix, and you know that could be high level stress. But when you have a great design team to help you along, the process can be so much smoother. Sure, no remodeling process ever goes 100% smoothly, but a strong design team and knowledgeable contractors can foresee issues and prevent them, or correct any issues very quickly

Luxury Bathroom remodel

Our Morganfair bathroom remodel did not go off without a hitch, but we handled every issue that came up beautifully for a magnificent finished space that my clients love

I have worked with this wonderful couple before – once when I worked for a design firm; we did some furnishings and window treatments, which was about 9 or 10 years ago, and the second time we worked together I was running my own design practice, and they needed window treatments for a few rooms. They have always been a pleasure to work with, and I was so excited when they called me for assistance following the floods, even though it wasn’t under great circumstances.

They had gotten maybe 3-4 feet of water in their home. I remember the day I walked in and saw the damage to their beautiful home and the furnishings; some of which I picked out for them years before. I felt sad for them, but being the great people that they are, they were in good spirits. We had the entire lower level to bring back to life and they figured they would invest into making their master bathroom their dream bathroom. Stay tuned to the blog for other room tours from this project.

Shortly after our initial meeting, they introduced me to their general contractor Chris Clark of Kitchen and Bath Creations. Chris and his team did a great job carrying out our designs.

We kept the layout the same layout since it worked very well in this large bathroom

Here are some befores to see where we started

Bathroom Makeover Before
Bathroom Makeover Before
Bathroom Makeover Before
Bathroom Makeover Before
Bathroom Makeover Before

Here are a few shots after the bathroom was gutted

Here is the floor plan for the bathroom. Even though we were keeping the same layout, we were making some changes. For example, we were doing a free-standing tub instead of the roman tub that was there previously.

We ended up doing a full glass, curbless shower. This floor plan is the initial one that included a small partial-wall with glass on top.

Luxury bathroom layout

And the elevations.

This is the tub and window wall

Luxury Master Bath Elevation

We proposed doing open cabinets where there were two linen closets, but our client decided that she would prefer to have closed storage. So we kept the closets

Luxury Master Bath Elevation

And this is the makeup vanity wall

Luxury Master Bath Elevation

Here is one view of the 3D renderings we did for the bathroom. My clients were able to get a good idea of what their bathroom would look like. We did make come changes as we developed the design later

3d Rendering For Luxury Bathroom

Another 3D view of the bathroom

3d Rendering for luxury bathroom

The home itself is a warm tuscan style and my clients love the style and wanted to maintain it as much as possible. They like the traditional feel, but we wanted to update it to a fresh timeless feel. I knew I wanted to bring in marble and porcelain in the gray and taupe tones, so my goal was to mix the warmer taupe tones which would relate to the current warmer finishes of the home, and add cooler grays. I needed one material that could tie in the warm and cool, and I found the beautiful mosaic which became the accent tile in the shower

Luxury Bathroom Remodel

The mosaic tiles became the inspiration, and all the colors for the bathroom were pulled from it. The goal was to create a luxury spa retreat look and feel. The cool grays keep the space open, and the warmer taupes help to keep it grounded and more timeless

Luxury Bathroom Remodel

I was literally jumping and skipping for joy when my clients agreed to a free standing tub. We made a trip to Ferguson’s Supply where my clients “test-drove” a few, and we all agreed that this one is perfect. I loved the silhouette which gives a nod to the traditional style of the home

Luxury Bathroom Remodel

Let’s talk about these fabulous cabinets. Shall we? Cabinetry is one of the places where I encourage clients to invest a bit. Quality cabinets will last a very long time, and can even be refinished later when styles change.

I designed the cabinets to look more like furniture. The beautiful cabriole legs gives a nod to tradition and luxury, but I chose a gray finish with gold highlights to keep them a bit more on trend. The quartzite countertop, mirrors and hardware all work together to seamlessly combine traditional style with what’s current

Luxury Bathroom Remodel

My clients decided to keep the original glass block window above the tub, so while it provided the privacy that they needed, I decided to soften it a bit with the woven woods roman shade I chose. The shade is literally made from grasses although it is super soft. It even has silver threads running through it to add to that luxury look I was after

Luxury Bathroom Remodel

You can see that the bathroom was large enough for furniture! I brought in a custom round ottoman and rug, and even a chest on the other side of the room

Luxury Bathroom Remodel

The chandelier choice was this glass beads beauty. The beads are actually tea stained, and if you look closely, can see the particles of tea leaves embedded inside of the glass beads.

I initially wanted a wallpaper in the ceiling, but we decided to go with a faux finish instead. I worked very closely with Misha, the faux finisher to achieve the right color and finish for the space

Luxury Bathroom Remodel

One of my favorite pieces in this project is this chest of drawers. I just love that it has very traditional lines, but the distressed, worn finish makes it feel much more informal.

Luxury Bathroom Remodel

This vanity area is such a nice and functional area for putting on makeup

Luxury Bathroom Remodel

Luxury Bathroom Remodel

One of the most important thing to my clients was having a two people shower like they had before, as well as a bench in the shower. I would say mission accomplished. I chose the porcelain slabs for the shower walls and marble floor and ceiling. Their contractor Chris came back later and added the bench and the niches in the archway by the tub.

Here’s a little video roundup

I really love how this project turned out. Come back next time as I give you the guided tour of the adjoining master bedroom. Here’s a sneak peek

Luxury Master Bedroom Makeover

Hope you enjoyed the tour and got some inspiration for planning your master bathroom remodel

Wishing You Beauty And Inspiration!


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