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Powder Rooms That Wow

Powder rooms are one of my favorite rooms to decorate. They are usually small enough and separate from the rest of the house to where you can go bold and dramatic without having to carry the same theme throughout the rest of the house.

If ever you struggle with experimenting with color, or bold patterns in your home, your powder room is a great place to just go for it.

Parisian style powder room with blush walls
Blush Powder Room With Parisian Style Paneled Walls. Designed By Veronica Solomon

Go Trendy

Custom marble and reclaimed wood vanity in powder room
Blush Powder Room With Custom Marble And Reclaimed Wood Vanity. Designed By Veronica Solomon

I always wanted to use blush in a project, but blush is such a trendy color, and super feminine. A small powder room was a great way to incorporate it into this home, and changing it later won't be a major expense. The bold art is a great focal point as you enter the room, and the moldings gives the wall some dimension and add a classic touch. Even the vanity with its mix of materials, add to the eclectic vibe of this small 3x8 powder room.

Use Wallpaper

Metallic Wallpaper on sisal in a damask pattern
Powder Room With Metallic Sisal Wallpaper In A Damask Pattern. Designed By Veronica Solomon

Black vinyl wallpaper with cherry blossom pattern by Phillip Jeffries
Black Vinyl Wallpaper With Cherry Blossom Pattern. Designed By Veronica Solomon

Sisal wallpaper with plumage pattern
Sisal Wallpaper With Plumage Pattern. Designed By Veronica Solomon

Gray sisal wallpaper with damask wallpaper
Sisal Wallpaper With Damask Pattern. Designed By Veronica Solomon

I do get some resistance when I recommend wallpaper to clients, but they are usually willing to try it in a powder room. Again, because it is such a small space usually, it feels like less of a commitment and less of an expense to them. The range of wallpaper styles, patterns, materials, and prices is vast, so there is a lot to choose from. I love using wallpaper that has a pattern and/or texture, which always add interest to the room.

Go Bold With Color

Matte black powder room with gold moldings
Matte Black walls With Gold Moldings. Powder Room Designed By Veronica Solomon

Black Powder room with gold vanity
Black Powder Room With Gold Vanity. Designed By Veronica Solomon

If ever you've been curious about what a super bold or moody color might look like in your home, why not try it in the powder room. Contrary to what people may think, dark colors do not necessarily close in a room or make them feel smaller. There are ways to paint your walls in a very dark color and actually create the illusion of a bigger space. Your powder room is a great way to do that. The rest of the surfaces in a powder room are usually white or light, and will add that needed contrast for opening up the space.

Use your powder room as a great opportunity to wow your guests. Create a unique space that feels more like a gem than a utilitarian space where you go to do "your business" :-)

Wishing You Beauty And Inspiration!


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