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Room Tour: A Colorful and Eclectic Living Room

Happy Monday my lovelies!

You are in for a great treat today! I would love to share a newly completed, and might I add, colorful and eclectic living room with y’all 🙂

Katy Interior Designer

Well, it is actually my personal home, and I am just so happy to have one more room checked off of my long list of projects.

Well the reality is that as a Designer, we are always tinkering with a new project even when the room is so-called ‘done”. It has taken a year and a half to get these projects completed, so I am enjoying the heck out of them. You can find some more of my completed projects here, here and here

So without further ado, here begins the room tour!! 🙂

Well, this room was designed as the family room by the homebuilder. This is where most folks hang out to watch TV or entertain friends in their own homes. But in our home, it was a room that honestly didn’t get used very much.

My kids love to hang out upstairs in the game room where they watch TV and have their friends over. I don’t entertain an awful lot except for an occasional evening of having a friend or two over for drinks. In fact, there wasn’t even a TV in this room until recently.

This was a nice sized room, so I decided to give it two functions: A sitting room and dining room with a dry bar and breakfast bar area. This would allow me to use the sitting room for when I have one or two friends over for a drink, and the entire area for dinner parties. I have always wanted a dining room with a fireplace in it, and this was the closest I was going to come to that fantasy 🙂

The only problem with combining these two rooms is that the room had one light fixture (a fan with light kit) in the center of the ceiling. So the first order of business was to remove the fan and seal the opening, and define each area with its own light fixture.

Here is where the room began

The Living Room During Construction

The Living Room During Construction

This was during construction a couple of years ago. Over the last year or so, I added pieces bit by bit as budget allowed.

Here is the room now

Ok, where do I begin? 🙂

You can see the sitting area by the window. That area consists of a sofa that I purchased about a year ago and two chairs. The solid teal chair was a recent purchase and the French chair was actually a Drexel Heritage chair that I purchased over 10 years ago and re-covered it in a fun whimsical fabric. I also added some fun nail heads and took the old chair from formal and stuffy, to fun and exciting!

Chair - BEFORE and AFTER

Chair – BEFORE and AFTER

So you can see there is plenty of seating for how I use this room.

The sitting room also has a couple of end tables that I have owned for a while too. The two faux bamboo tables in the center were actually end tables that I am using as nesting cocktail tables. They were actually in silver and I spray painted them gold to work better with the room.

Katy Interior Designer

The rug was actually one that I ordered for a client about 5 years ago and it arrived damaged with a good sized hole in it. The hole is hidden by the sofa, so no one will ever see it, plus with the rug’s pattern it is hard to see the hole. I also purchased a smaller size that is now in the dining area. I think having the same rug in both areas keeps the room from becoming too visually overwhelming.

The drapery panels was a big splurge in the room. The gorgeous ikat paisley fabric is from Robert Allen and I love the gauzy feel of it. I had my workroom create simple cartridge pleat panels with semi sheer lining to let natural light filter through.

Some of the pillows are custom made and some were purchased from my wholesale vendors. You can see that I brought a lot of color and pattern in with the pillows. This helps to give the room that colorful eclectic touch

Casa Vilora Interiors

The contemporary art leaning against the wall above the fireplace, and the one above the TV are prints from that I had custom matted in Ikea frames. I love leaning art as much as possible for a more casual feel.

Casa Vilora Interiors

The botanical art in the dining area sits above a silver and white chest that also came in damaged from a vendor for a former project, so it was also free. You can hardly tell that it is damaged unless you get close, so it works in the corner where it won’t get heavy use.

You may notice the faux taxidermy? I think I have at least one in every room now! I’m out of control with this and must quit now. Lol 🙂

The shelving units and chest are from Ikea that I spray painted gold and white. These shelving units are great for all my collectibles – especially my books and white ceramics. I ended up putting a small TV in the room but it doesn’t get used very much 🙂

Casa Vilora Interiors

The dining area seats six and it is a perfect area for my wonderful table that I love so much. I mixed up the seating with 4 round cane back French chairs and 2 slipcovered chairs for the heads of the table. Notice the beautiful grouping of white hydrangeas? My favorite! 🙂

The dining area also has a bar area that is portable for when I have friends over

Casa Vilora Interiors

It also has a breakfast bar where my son likes to hang out to do homework when I’m cooking dinner 🙂 You will notice my breakfast area turned morning room in the background

Here are some other shots of the room.

Notice the cheetah carpet on the stairs? My favorite feature of the room. You will also see my swanky sitting room in the distance

One more shot…….

Casa Vilora Interiors

The room as you can see is very eclectic – A mix of patterns and colors; design styles, from traditional to contemporary; trends and classics. But most importantly, it contains the things I love and love having around me. You can see I love stuff – I am no minimalist for sure. It is just my personality and truly a fun and colorful space that makes me feel happy every time I walk into it.

So, what are your thoughts on my colorful and eclectic living room? can you live with this much color?

The amazing photography is by Niki

Wishing You Beauty and Inspiration!


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