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The Best Of High Point Market - Spring 2022

We are back from High Point Spring Market full of inspiration and ready to serve you!

Tropical Mural Wallpaper
One Of My Favorite Showrooms At Market

In case you are new here and don't know what High Point Market is, you are in for some design treat.

This post will be very picture heavy, so forgive me.....(As if! Hahaha)

If you can imagine Fashion Week Paris - the highlight of the Fashion World; then you may be able to imagine High Point Market being Fashion Week on steroids! Millions of square feet of showroom space spanning an entire city - High Point North Carolina, where trade vendors and manufacturers showcase their product lines to designers, buyers, and other design trade professionals.

It happens twice yearly - The Spring and Fall and we have been attending almost every Market for the last several years.

We do this as part of our commitment to our clients - we go to see and experience the products so that we can specify them with confidence on our projects. We get a chance to speak directly to the manufacturers and meet up with our sales representatives and learn even more about the product lines. We also take the opportunity to attend continued education seminars, and of course socializing with industry movers and shakers and colleagues. It really is the highlight of the year for us.

One of the main motivation for making the trek every season is getting to see firsthand what's new and innovative in home fashion. We love trend spotting, and one of the frequently asked questions we get is "what's trending?"

While our designs are not dictated by trends, we love for them to feel "storied", or "collected over time". This means we love to incorporate the old with the new, the sentimental with the functional, the trends with the timeless classics.

So without further ado, let's see what's new for Spring 2022.

Color Trend

Color is our jam, so we are always on the lookout for color trends at Market.

Gray has officially left the chat :-)

Warmer neutrals and saturated earthy tones are emerging as the new color trend. Clay/bricky reds, mustard yellows, olive greens, and saturated blues.

We also saw bold jewel tones in teal, yellow and red, and even some pastels with presence.

This vignette perfectly sums up all the colors that are currently on trend

TOV Furniture - The Voice Collection (Bed By Erika Ward, Bench By Nicole White)

This vignette is a great example of how you can use pillows to bring in a bit of the color trend in your home, without the major commitment to it.

Heavy Texture

We saw the emergence of boucle and sheerling a few Markets ago, and this Spring, these textures were everywhere!

Caning is still holding on strong.

Nicole White For TOV Furniture - The Voice Collection

But we also saw subtle textures on casegoods, like these gold inlays on this ombre credenza


Curves on upholstery and casegoods is not new to this Market, but curves were still in abundance!

Sumo Wrestler? Haha

Here I am Taking a Much Needed Break :-)

Oushak Rugs & Aged-Look Rugs

Hand-knotted wool Oushak rugs have always been beautiful but priced at the higher end of the price spectrum due to the labor involved in the construction, but we are seeing them becoming more and more affordable and accessible

Most of our rug vendors would always have a handful of these beauties, but they were much more widespread at this Market, and the colors were even more beautiful.

Leg Details

I love when furniture designers go out of their way to add a small detail that will take an ordinary piece from just beautiful to sensational.

I loved seeing all the leg details on some very special pieces at Market


Swivels are not uncommon, but we are seeing a lot more attention to motion seating that is hidden and don't appear to be more functional than beautiful. Rounded barrel chairs with swivels could be seen in almost every showroom


I always love a bit of embellishment or unexpected detail on casegoods and upholstery. This always gives them a more custom and luxurious touch. From chunky hardware to two-tone textile/leather applications, embellishments could be seen all throughout Market

Upholstery that takes it up a notch

Wallpaper For Floors

A nice little surprise I came across at Market is wallpaper for floors! Yes, removable vinyl wallpaper that can be applied to floors

Overscaled Square & Round Cocktail Ottomans And Coffee Tables

I have found that sourcing large square and round coffee tables and cocktail ottomans have always been a challenge, but I kept seeing them over and over at Market. Maybe an emerging trend, or maybe because I was looking, but happy to see that I had many options in all kinds of materials and finishes.

These photos are just the tip of the iceberg of the amazing products we discovered at Market. We took over 4000 photos! Yikes.

And just before I go for now, I would love for you to check out two new product launches by a group of designer colleagues who are near and dear to my heart

TOV Furniture The Voice is one of the collections - and the great news is that you as a consumer can buy these products direct.

The second launch is by Cheryl Luckett for Wildwood Home

This collection is only available to the trade, but check it out and let us know what you love.

Reach out now and let's talk about your new design project!

Wishing You Beauty And Inspiration!


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