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The Naked Challenge: Show Me Yours And I’ll Show You Mine

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Since recently launching our new blog “The Naked Decorator” I have had a few messages on our Facebook Page of folks asking for tips and advice on the best window treatments for their naked windows or what to do about their ugly window treatments. I’ve tried to answer each one question individually, but being the generous and fun person I am 😉 I have decided to take it  a step further and launch what I call “The Naked Challenge: Show Me Yours And I’ll Show You Mine.”

Yes I admit that the title is meant to grab your attention, but it is harmless, I promise. If you have a window without some form of dressing, or a dated and ugly window treatment, pay close attention.

Here’s how the challenge works:

  1. Subscribe to our Blog and follow us on Facebook: Casa Vilora Interiors

  2. Leave a comment on this post

  3. Share the post on your facebook timeline so your friends can participate too. It’s more fun with a lot of people!

  4. Send me a digital photograph of your naked or ugly window, along with a picture of the rest of the room. Send pictures to: with “The Naked Challenge” in the subject line

  5. In the body of your email include the following: The dimensions of the window, A brief description of your personal decorating style (whether contemporary, shabby chic, traditional, country etc), A description of the type of room (bedroom, living room, game room etc), How the room is used (entertaining, family hangout, guest room etc)

  6. Include your name, city and state in your email

I will select three lucky entries and I will provide each with a solution to their naked window. The solution includes:

  1. A sketch of the window treatment design based on the style description and dimensions you provided

  2. A suggestion for the fabric or type of window treatment to be used and where to find it either online or locally

  3. A chance to send me another email asking more specific questions (example type of hardware, type of lining, or even what to do with the rest of the room!). You will have one-on-one access to picking an Interior Designer’s brain…..all for FREE!

The sketch will look something like this

Example of Window Treatment Idea Sketch

And the fabric suggestion will look something like this:

Fabric For Drapery Panels

Fabric For Cornice Board

The Naked Challenge is open until April 19th, when I will choose the three entries. They will be announced via a blog post a well as on our Facebook pages. Again, the more the merrier, so please share on your timeline.

Please note that if your window is chosen, I will be including your photos in my blog and Facebook posts. By submitting your entry you agree to this.

Ok, so let’s make this fun! The Naked Challenge starts now!!! Good luck!

Be Inspired!

Veronica Solomon

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