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The Tools We Use To Communicate Our Design Concepts

One of our main goals for any project we take on is to thoroughly analyze our clients' needs and create a grand vision for them that will address their lifestyle needs and desires.

Our role is to take our clients on a journey of discovering things that they never even knew they needed and could accomplish with their home.

This is the main reason why we attend national and international furniture markets, and seek out inspiration on a regular basis.

We value new, innovative, forward-thinking ideas, grounded in classic timelessness. We strive for that on every project.

Colorful Mid Century Modern Dining Room

One way we help communicate this grand vision is to use various visualization tools to help bring the vision to life.

We take the big dreams our clients have expressed to us, and find ways to make them all possible.

Sometimes, our clients aren't sure what they want or like, and it is up to us to ask the right questions to successfully uncover, interpret, create and execute their needs and desires

Classic Dining Room With Chinoiserie Wallpaper Mural

Once we've uncovered the client's needs and create the vision, we set out to work meticulously designing, curating and executing every single detail.

We start with scaled floor plans and furniture layouts, selection of all materials, detailed elevation drawings, curated concept boards, 3D photo realistic renderings, flat lays and material samples.

For most projects, we utilize all these tools.

The Floor Plan

Floor Plan With Flooring Layout

We start with a floor plan with the flooring material layout if necessary. This helps us communicate to the contractors (along with the flooring schedule), what flooring material goes in what room, and of course, helps the client feel assured that installation later will be done correctly.

Then we prepare a floor plan with furniture layout

Floor Plan With Furniture Layout

The floor plan with furniture layout helps us communicate the function and traffic pattern of the space. It is a great way to help our clients understand how many people they can comfortably accommodate in a room.

Lighting Plan

Lighting Plan

The lighting plan is essential to communicate with our clients the types of lighting and switches that will be incorporated into the design. Well planned lighting plays a major role in a well designed space.


Elevation Of Master Bathroom Vanity Wall

Elevation Of Fireplace Wall

Color Elevation Of Kitchen Cook Top Wall

We use elevations to communicate wall layouts to clients, especially for key design features like cabinetry, fireplaces, art walls, wall paneling and wainscoting.

We love to do the color elevations to showcase the materials and color.

Concept Boards

Design Concept Board For Small Bedroom Turned Office

We use concept boards to curate the materials and furniture we have selected for each room. This helps our clients see the pieces together and how they relate to each other.

Flat Lays And Samples

FlatLay Image Via Shutterstock For Wix

Laying out material samples like tile, stone, wood, textile, leather is a great way to connect with our clients's senses and help them better visualize their new space.

3D Rendering

3D Rendering Of Living Room With Homework Area

Most clients love the addition of the 3D photorealistic renderings as a tool for communicating our design concepts. Especially those that need every available visual tool that we have.

3D Rendering Of Master Bedroom With Tongue and Groove Ceiling

Although they look pretty realistic, we do have to let our clients know that they don't always 100% capture the lighting, texture and dimension of certain pieces.

Just like every other tool we use, 3D photorealistic renderings are conceptual, and the real life space will look and feel a bit differently.

3D rendering With of French Inspired Master Bedroom With Mural Wallpaper In Tray Ceiling

But they can be very effective in communicating an idea that the client may have trouble visualizing.

One example is the mural bird wallpaper in the ceiling of this master bedroom above. It was much easier showing the client a 3D rendering of the room instead of trying to explain the idea of the mural in the ceiling.

3D Rendering Of Monochromatic Living Room

I am so thankful that technology has made it possible to create these resources to help us effectively communicate not just with our clients, but our contractors, artisan and trade partners that we rely on to help us execute our designs.

See more of our design concepts HERE

Leave us a comment below and let us know if you are very visual person or not, when it comes to decorating your home.

We would love to help you with your grand vision for your home. Book a consultation to get started

Wishing You Beauty and Inspiration!


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댓글 4개

You continue to be such an inspiration! And to master all that technology, to boot. You are such an original thinker, and put together stunning designs.

Veronica Solomon
Veronica Solomon
2021년 7월 29일
답글 상대:

Thank you so much! I always appreciate your kind comments. Thank you for taking the time to read the post.


Jamala Kim Wallace
Jamala Kim Wallace
2021년 7월 28일

My mouth dropped with each design created. Wow..i can't get over the 3D design.. lol.. they looked so real.. it's great how you take time, plan and create the fabulous custom design looks you give your clients. I see why you're a superstar. ❤

Veronica Solomon
Veronica Solomon
2021년 7월 28일
답글 상대:

Thank you so much Jamala. My clients get super excited when they can see a bit of what the design will look like in real life. It is such an amazing tool

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