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The Ultimate Closing Day Gift Idea For Real Estate Agents

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

If you are a realtor, we know that you want to give your clients a gift they will truly use and enjoy, especially with the holidays fast approaching.

Forget the bottle of wine! Ok, I take that back! Wine is a must! 

Casa Vilora Interiors Gift Certificates

Picture this!

Your client is super excited that you have done an amazing job of helping them find their dream home. Closing was a breeze! Then comes moving day, and then reality sets in….excitement quickly becomes overwhelm. They wonder:

  1. How to place the furniture that perfectly fit their last home into a new home with a whole different layout?

  2. Where to source art for the great big walls that sold them on the house in the first place?

  3. How will all the colors flow from room to room in an open concept space?

  4. How to source furniture and accessories that will work with their existing pieces?

  5. How to get as much seating as possible out of the living room now that they will be entertaining more?

  6. How to introduce their favorite colors to personalize their home?

There is a lot going on in the first few days of move-in. Lots of big decisions about what service providers to use, what activities to enroll the kids in, which mail box in the cluster is theirs. Wouldn’t it be nice if they could just move in and have a professional designer visit with them and guide them into making their new house a home?

Casa Vilora Interiors

The greatest need that most homeowners have when they move into a new home, is to quickly get settled, so they can get into a normal routine; especially if they are new to the area. They want their stuff to be nicely put away in their proper places and not have boxes sitting around for months

We know you care about the needs of your buyers and sellers. You listened to their individual needs, and worked hard to find them the perfect home. So wouldn’t it be nice to add the final layer – the icing on the delicious cake?

As a designer, I have met with many new homeowners who were on the brink of overwhelm by the time they called me in to help them get settled into their new home. This meant that on top of all the decisions and activities with the move, they had to search for a designer with flexible design services. They always feel so fortunate to find my firm.


We would love to partner with you to help your clients through this final phase of the home buying process. We have made it super easy to give us as a Closing Day Gift to your clients without a lot of effort on your part! You come out looking like the hero, and your clients’ needs are met. WIN, WIN, WIN

We are an award-winning firm serving the Houston area for over 10 years. We provide superior customer service to our clients, so you can be assured that your clients will be well taken care of. We pride ourselves on our flexibility with a range of design services to fit every budget level. There is something for every client!

Our Gift Certificate Program is the ultimate closing day gift if you want to wow your buyers!

Here’s How It Works

  1. Join our Rockstar Realtor Membership Program to receive the discounted rate for a two hour in-home consultation with your client ($294 versus the regular rate of $397). Or choose to pay the regular rate without joining Rockstar Realtor. Learn more here

  2. Call or email us to order your stack of your Custom Casa Vilora Interiors Gift Certificates at no upfront charge (similar to the picture above). The reverse side specifies the amount.

  3. We will ask for your headshot and logo to add for your branding. You can specify any special wording you would like to include, or you can ask us to use another room photo from our portfolio that is more in line with your aesthetic

  4. We will get them printed and sent directly to your office (please allow 7-14 days)

  5. Give them to as many clients as you like

  6. You only get invoiced if your client calls to schedule the consultation. Please note that we bill prior to the appointment, so the invoice has to be paid before we go out.

  7. We provide great advice and direction, and take excellent care of your clients

  8. We send you follow up emails to confirm after each visit

  9. Your clients can choose to keep working with us at their own expense, but our goal is to resolve any immediate decorating or design challenge that they are currently facing, and help get them settled into their new home

And in case you are wondering about what services we can offer to benefit your clients beyond the 2 hour consultation, here goes:

  1. Full service interior design

  2. Kitchen and bath remodel

  3. Paint color consultation

  4. Custom window treatments – draperies, fabric shades, cornices etc

  5. Hard window treatments – blinds, shutters, roller shades, woven woods and more

  6. Design consultation with a design plan that they can execute themselves (similar to an eDesign)

  7. Consultations beyond the initial two hours to provide further guidance

  8. Room palettes – we design a custom color and soft furnishings palette with a shopping list

  9. Home staging – incase they need to sell their former home

  10. Space planning

  11. One day makeover (styling session)

Our Gift Certificate Program is an an awesome way to further impress your clients as the Rockstar Realtors we know you are 

Click here to learn more!

Wishing You Beauty and Inspiration!


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