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Tip For Tuesday: Pile On The Pillows

I sometimes get resistance when I mention pillows to certain clients, especially my male clients. But any designer will tell you that adding pillows to a sofa, chair or a bed helps to pull a room together.



Pillows in a variety of sizes, colors and textures add a finishing touch to a room and helps to ground your color scheme. Plus it’s a great way to show your personality!

One pair of pillow tends to look a bit sparse, so try at least three pillows

It is important to have various patterns and textures for a more dynamic look. The art of mixing patterns is key here. Pay attention to the scale of each fabric pattern. Varying the scale of the patterns is more pleasing to the eye. Try mixing a large scale floral, with a stripe, a mini print or geometric and a solid. Be sure to repeat colors for consistency.

Source: Casa Vilora Interiors

Source: Casa Vilora Interiors

Don’t go overboard with too many pillows. Go for “inviting” and not “stay off the sofa”. You want guests to your home……and occupants to want to sit and be comfortable, so keep it simple.

Source: Casa Vilora Interiors

Source: Casa Vilora Interiors

Of course this doesn’t just apply to sofas, but to beds as well….even a twin size bed for a toddler

Source: Casa Vilora Interiors

Source: Casa Vilora Interiors

And of course the big mystery of where to put the pillows at night, isn’t a mystery after all…..the bench at the foot of the bed, the seating area or the floor. That seems to be the big resistance I get with adding pillows to a bed

Do you enjoy decorating with pillows?

For a great selection of pillows and bedding, please check out my online Ecwid storefront

Wishing you all a terrific Tuesday!

Be Inspired!

Casa Vilora Interiors

Veronica Solomon, Casa Vilora Interiors

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