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To Paint Or Not To Paint

Since I completed the One Room Challenge for the Small Swanky Sitting Room in my new home back in October, I have been slowly doing some small projects around my house as time and budget allows.

Katy Interior Designer

As I often tell my clients, finishing one room inspires you to keep moving forward to other projects until it is all done. Same for us Designers, we do practice what we preach – although for us, it is never quite finished 🙂

The most recent project was the bar vignette in my dining area that I shared with you all a few weeks ago. Click here if you missed that post

I am now working on my living/dining room and breakfast room areas

The small breakfast room housed a dining table and six chairs, and was a little bit too small to make it really functional. I decided to move the dining room furniture into the much larger living room, making it a dining room/sitting room combination and the breakfast room is now a “morning room” where I have 2  comfy chairs and a round table that adjusts from cocktail table height to dining table height. This is where I enjoy my morning juices, meditation and prayer time before I leave for the office

I will share with you the full back story, before & after pictures and details in a future post when it is all complete, but today I need your help making a decision.

Are you up for sharing your two cents? Good

The big decision is whether I should spray paint a few Ikea pieces or not?

I decided to bring in 2 Ikea Vittsjo shelving units and a Trysil 3 drawer chest as a temporary solution to the built-in bookcases that I eventually want to do in my living/dining room.

Ikea Vittsjo Shelving Unit

Ikea Vittsjo Shelving Unit

Ikea Trysil 3 Drawer Chest

Ikea Trysil 3 Drawer Chest

I have been in love with a certain gold etagere from Worlds Away that I have been wanting for the longest while, but it is just a tad over my budget


But although the Ikea pieces are temporary and inexpensive doesn’t mean they can’t be fabulous!! So I will be styling the heck out of these bad boys! 🙂

Here is what they look like right now in the space from different angles (pre-painting and pre-styling of course)

They were fairly easy to put together after figuring out the right way to do it. The first one I had to put together twice! Pay close attention to that little Ikea dude on each page of the wordless instructions. He isn’t kidding when he tells you not to use a certain screw in a certain area.

Ikea Man

Ikea Man

photo (166)


photo (165)


photo (167)


Keep in mind that they are not yet styled, and the objects are just randomly placed.

There will be a small TV placed on top of the chest of drawers. This room will be used mainly for entertaining family and friends, and not for watching TV. We have a game room upstairs where the kids watch TV and hang out…….and make all kinds of messes 🙂

The plan is to either leave them as is or paint the shelving units in gold, with the shelves at the very top and the very bottom in a glossy white to look like lacquer.  I would also be painting the 3 drawer chest in the same glossy white, with the base and hardware in gold.

This is the look I am going for with the shelves (minus the marbling of the top and bottom shelves)  via House Of Hawkes

Via House Of Hawkes

Via House Of Hawkes

So what do you think: To Paint or Not To Paint?

I am leaning heavily towards spray painting, because I love the lighter, much brighter look. It’s just the task that I am not looking forward to. I am guessing each shelf will take 2-3 cans of spray paint, so it shouldn’t be a big cost.

I will keep you all posted on what I decide, and of course share pictures after they are styled.

Wishing You Beauty and Inspiration!


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