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Tour A Colorful Kids' Homeschool Room In Katy

I am a big believer in using your home the way you truly live, and I encourage my clients to think outside of the builder basic box, and let us create their ideal version of luxury, by deciding how to use each room of their home to support their lifestyle needs.

I often say that luxury might mean extravagant living according to the dictionary. But to me, luxury is creating a space that is beautiful, functional and comfortable regardless of budget.

Kids' homeschool room with orange sofa and bold art
Kids' Homeschool Room With Bright Colors. Designed By Veronica Solomon. Photography By Colleen Scott

Today we are taking a tour of this kids' homeschool room that was a formal dining room in its former life. My client and I took the unconventional route, and created a colorful homeschool room right across from her study. A move that a lot of homeowners would shy away from.

Here was the beautiful dining room before. This dining room was a project we worked on only a couple of years before. This meant that we had to make room for as many of the dining room pieces as possible in other areas of the home.

My client had already owned the wooden chairs and we simply recovered them. Everything else was new in the space. We were able to reuse a few items elsewhere.

Former formal dining room converted to a homeschool room
Former Dining Room We Created For Client In 2016 converted To A Homeschool Room

It was very important to my client that the homeschool room was close to her study, which is right across the hall. This way she can keep an eye on the children.

View into the homeschool room from study
View Into The Homeschool Room From Client's Study

We knew we wanted to infuse some color in the space, and we knew that we didn't want the space to look too school roomy. We also wanted it to look like a regular seating area for when it's not being used as a homeschool room.

And in case the contents of the room look familiar to you, they should. They were actually created for the same client in a different home, and a change in circumstances led us back to the first home where I was tasked with carving out a homeschool room where one didn't exist.

Homeschool Room
Homeschool Room Designed By Veronica Solomon. Photographed By Colleen Scott

The dining room was the logical choice since it is the only room that my client never used.

We were able to use most of the furnishings from the former homeschool room in the new one; and what we couldn't use were moved to other areas.

The new room is quite a bit smaller than the previous one, so that was quite the challenge.

Homeschool Room With Coral Sofa
Homeschool Room With Coral Sofa

We were pretty excited that we could fit my client's beloved oval desk that I chose for her a while back as well. We were still able to maximize storage with 2 of the three bookcases from the former homeschool room, that we used to flank the coral velvet sofa. Can you say #LivingCoral Pantone's 2019 Color Of the Year? :-) We set the trend on that one.

Instead of a coffee table, this time we brought in two toy boxes, one of which doubles as the coffee table in the room.

We were not about to leave these gorgeous chairs behind, and so the swivels had to fit in the space somehow.

Homeschool room
Homeschool Room Designed By Veronica Solomon. Photographed By Colleen Scott

The former homeschool room had carpeted floors, and a rug was not needed, but with the wooden floors in this home, we were able to snag the living room rug and replaced it with an animal print rug in the living room - which we completely redesigned from what we did a few years back.

The blue pattern of the rug works very well in this space. The art was also in a different room, and now works perfectly in the homeschool room

Blue and white striped drapery panels in a Robert Allen Linen Sheer
Homeschool Room With Stripe Linen Sheer Drapery Panels

This room gets so much light being in the front of the home. It is literally the first room you see right off the entry. I love how bright and open it is, and I love that it looks organized and not overly childish.

Homeschool Room
Another View Of Homeschool Room

When my client said yes to the addition of the chandelier, I was so excited. It adds the perfect softness and feminity to the room

Homeschool Room
Homeschool Room

I am so excited with the way the room turned out, and so is my client.

Without getting into too much detail, this project was near and dear to my heart. First of all, this is an absolutely amazing client that I have worked with on several large scale projects. And when her life was changing before her very eyes, she reached out to me to help her and her family get settled with very little impact to her 4 beautiful kids.

I took over the reins and planned every part of the move including the logistics and how we were going to make all the rooms and furnishings that she owned work.

This client, this family, and this home will always hold a special place in my heart; just like all the projects I have touched over the last 12 years.

You can count on me and my team to take care of every detail of your interior design, and even above and beyond that if we need to. Many of our clients are now lifelong friends who happily refer us to their family and friends.

I don't take that lightly. It is no accident that 3 of the 8 projects we currently have on the roster are repeat clients, and 3 of them are referrals. That says a lot about our firm, and we are indeed honored to serve each of our clients.

Please reach out anytime to experience what makes Casa Vilora Interiors different. We would love to help create your version of luxury in your home.

We hope you enjoyed the tour of our colorful Homeschool room

Wishing You beauty And Inspiration!


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