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Up Your Entrepreneur Game With A Commercial Office Makeover

Entrepreneurship is hard! I should know, I have ran this interior design firm for the last 12 years, and know the challenges that entrepreneurs face everyday. This is especially true when you are solo and you are pretty much doing it alone.

Commercial office space creating with personality and all the comforts of home
Commercial Office Space Designed By Veronica Solomon | Photography By Colleen Scott

Most solopreneurs work from home or in a co-work type environment, but most dream of fast growth, opening that commercial office space one day, and building their dream team to take them to the next level. Often the plan to move into a new commercial space means sticking to a really tight budget, which usually means a generic office space that lacks personality and inspiration.

Commercial office space with some personality
Commercial Office Space Designed By Veronica Solomon

I know for me, if I had to work in a vanilla box of a space, I would literally lose my mind. Yet many people do it everyday. They leave their spaces undecorated because unfortunately, that is what is expected, or they just don't know what to do. Usually they are in a lease and trying to minimize their build-out costs anyway, so why spend on art and decor.

If you are a creative working in a blah basic space, you may understand a bit clearer than most, why it is not the best environment to be creative and productive in.

Why not create a space that your clients and patrons would be happy to visit, and your staff will be excited to show up for everyday. This should then start from the lobby and not stop there, but extend to private offices, conference rooms, break rooms, and even cubicles.

If you like the idea of a work space with some personality, here are some ways you can up level your office space and look like an entrepreneur rockstar

** Create an inviting first impression

Office space with open waiting area and dramatic art
Waiting Area In A Commercial Office Space | Designed By Veronica Solomon | Casa Vilora Interiors

In this waiting area, we wanted to create a homey and classic look and feel. My client loved the idea of bringing in dramatic artwork and transitional furnishings that did not look like typical office furniture. The result is a very inviting space that they get compliments on all the time.

Lobby area of a commercial office space
Commercial Office Space Lobby Area Designed By Veronica Solomon

** Enhance your branding

Large scale art on walls in a plastic surgery office
Plastic Surgery Office Designed By Veronica Solomon

Your commercial office space can help create a memorable brand identity, without your logo plastered all over the building. It can be subtle but achieved through things like artwork. Here in this plastic surgery office, I used large scale art along the hallways to speak to what they do in the office - helping their patients look their best.

Nude forms artwork in a plastic surgery office
Plastic Surgery Office Designed By Veronica Solomon

** Break rooms and conference rooms should not be boring

Break room in commercial office space
Break Room In A Commercial Office - Designed By Veronica Solomon

What message are you sending to your valuable team members if the break room and conference room are basic and uninteresting? Simply adding some color and comfortable seating is enough to boost some staff morale.

Conference room in commercial office space
Conference Room In Commercial Office. Designed By Veronica Solomon

** Add some personality to your private office

Masculine office space in a commercial building
Private Office In Commercial Office | Designed By Veronica Solomon

You're the owner. Your office space can speak to your personality or hobby. My client loves cars, and he even races cars for fun. So adding a large piece with a vintage automobile was right up his alley. Imagine how personal and inspirational that must feel in a space where you need to be productive

** Anticipating the needs of your clients and catering to those needs

Feminine office space in commercial office
Doula Office In Commercial Space | Designed By Veronica Solomon

We chose to add a lot of color in this office space for my client who is a doula. She personally loves color, and she knows that her expectant moms would feel energized in a colorful space. She also wanted comfortable seating and a place where her clients could put up their feet and relax. We chose to do the bold fuchsia scatter ottomans as soft foot stools instead of doing a narrow coffee table.

Vignette in Commercial office space
Vignette Designed By Veronica Solomon

In this sleep study room, we wanted to create the comforts of home away from home for the patients who are required to stay overnight for sleep studies. I was very intentional about making the sleep rooms look like a bedroom you would find a typical home

Sleep room for sleep studies in a commercial office space
Sleep Room In A Commercial office. Designed By Veronica Solomon

Vignette in a sleep lab
Vignette Designed By Veronica Solomon

While entrepreneur life is hard, your office space doesn't have to add even more challenges. It should allow your creativity to shine through, and inspire productivity, which ultimately shows up in your bottom line. Your patrons and team members will thank you when they get to walk into a beautiful space.

If you need help creating a great commercial office space, we would love to help. Find out more HERE and book an in office session.

Thanks for stopping by!


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Jul 25, 2023

In the world of entrepreneurship, the workplace environment plays a pivotal role in nurturing creativity, productivity, and employee satisfaction. A commercial office makeover can be a argentics game-changer for your business, elevating both the aesthetics and functionality of the workspace.


Mar 20, 2023

so dope

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