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Full, turn-key living room design suitable for a bachelor pad or anyone who loves a modern, layered neutral aesthetic. Approximate room size 16x17. 


In most cases you are purchasing the exact pieces shown, or a similar alternate incase any of the items are no longer available. However, we do a full evaluation of your existing space to make sure the pieces work, and will recommend changes as needed, while maintaining the look you fell in love with.


Renderings may be different from actual pieces and are meant as a concept of what you can expect.


 Final room turn-key price includes sales tax, freight fees, receiving fees, storage fees, white-glove delivery/install/styling fees.


We have waived our design fee, which would typically be around $8500-$9500 for a similar one room space.


Paint not inlcuded, but can be added for an additional fee.

No finishes such as fireplace, flooring, millwork, wall treatment are included

Electrical included if there is already a j-box present in the right location (basically a switch-out). Additional electrical work (move current j-box or add new) will be an additional fee. 


Room Includes:


  • 1 Sofa
  • 2 Chairs
  • 1 Bench
  • 1 Rug
  • 2 Credenzas
  • 2 Side Tables
  • 1 Coffee Table
  • 2 Pieces of Art
  • 1 3D Wall Art
  • Accessories
  • 1 7' Faux Plant
  • 1 Window Shade or 2 Drapery Panels
  • 1 Light Fixture 
  • 2 Lamps
  • 5 Pillows


Please note that the $250 paid for this item is for a consultation to make sure this space will work for your needs and to discuss any potential changes that need to be made to better work for your specific space. The full room price will be presented to you at this consultation.


If you move forward with this Curated Space, the $250 will be credited towards your purchase price. 


Your $250 fee is refundable if you decide not to move forward.


Upon purchase, we will notify you to coordinate a consultation and measure of your space and review the items you will be receiving and the timeline. We need to order all the products and ship to our receiving warehouse and then white-glove deliver and install in about 8-10 weeks. We will have a more definitive timeline when orders are placed and acknowledged by our vendors.


Purchasing a Curated Space means you will save about 4-6 weeks in the usual process and $9500 on design fees.

Curated Spaces - Modern, Neutral Living Room

SKU: 08CS2833647
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