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10 Bedroom Quickies That Will Turn Up The Romance Factor For Valentine's Day

Maybe you don't think of a full on decorating project for your master bedroom for Valentine's Day, but I am sure you can totally get on board with some quick sprucing up to create a romantic retreat in time to celebrate with your sweetie.

Master bedroom with bold floral wallpaper on feature wall.
Master Bedroom Designed By Veronica Solomon | Photography By Colleen Scott

Short of a romantic getaway to an exotic locale, your master bedroom can be that space that is warm and cozy and will create a great mood for Valentine's Day. It doesn't have to take a lot of time, nor cost a lot of money. There are quick fixes you can do just in time for February 14th.

This is for you if you are looking at your bedroom thinking that it is lacking in the romance department, but you just don't have the time to get it done before Valentine's Day. Your best bet is to call us out for a consultation and we will happily guide you through some great ideas and resources for creating a romantic master retreat. If you would rather go the DIY route, here are 10 quickies that you can implement right away

1 - The power of flowers

It is very simple but has a huge impact on how a room can look its best. Fresh flowers, and even its quality faux counterpart, add that finished layer to a well designed master bedroom. Flowers are also great to add some romantic charm. You want to include a bouquet or two, arranged nicely in a vase of water. My favorites are tulips, hydrangeas and roses. Flowers are a must-have for Valentine's Day

A Romantic floral wallpaper and french bed
Bedroom Vignette Designed By Veronica Solomon

2 - Add a cozy seating area

Even better if you have a fireplace in the bedroom. There is no better way to turn up the romance factor than a nice and cozy seating area by the fireplace. I recommend lounge chairs that are comfortable and an ottoman where you can put your feet up to relax. And of course a table to rest your wine glasses

3 - Upgrade your bedding

Custom bedding is a great way to go if you have the time to, but for something that is quick and still luxurious, investing in quality ready-made bedding can give you the look and feel of well tailored custom bedding. Start with a high quality mattress pad, then some luxurious sheets with high thread count. A luxurious coverlet and duvet cover with luxury down insert. Add some pillows that complement the other layers, and voila, an amazingly sexy and romantic bed. No romantic retreat would be complete without high quality bedding

4 - A bit of animal magnetism

Everything about this amazing bedroom designed by Jeffrey Dungan says romance. The way the upholstered bed is nestled in the alcove, the luxurious draperies, and of course the faux fur layered on the bed. It adds such a rich texture and a touch of luxury.

5 - Put your love on display

I love to include a special photograph or a treasured memory for every master bedroom I design for a couple. I love to tell the story of my clients in their homes, and what better place to tell their love story than in their personal master bedroom retreat. This could be a wedding photo or other photo of a special event or time spent together. It could also be a set of pillows or bedding with their monogram. Whatever it is, make sure it is displayed beautifully so that it can be enjoyed everyday

Bold floral wallpaper accent wall with blush tones in master bedroom
Romantic Master Retreat Designed By Veronica Solomon

6 - Candles add that spark

Candles and romance goes hand in hand. Perfect for a romantic dinner, and also perfect in your bedroom retreat. Whether you choose scented candles to satisfy the senses, or regular candles, they are a great addition for ambient lighting and setting the mood

bedroom vignette with tufted oink ottoman
Bedroom Seating Area Designed By Veronica Solomon

7 - Don't forget the en suite

I am sure anyone will agree that the romance factor needs to carry through from the master bedroom to the en suite bathroom. A free standing tub is always a great idea for the look of luxury and the feeling of romance. For a quick and easy update, make the tub the focal point of the bathroom. Add a few decorative elements like luxurious towels, candles, flowers, bath salts, robe, and even a special water safe pillow.

Bathroom with free standing tub by Ike Kligerman
Designed By Ike Kligerman

Bathroom designed by Veronica Solomon
Designed By Veronica Solomon | GC - Chris Clark

8 - Luxury Underfoot

A luxurious shag or lambs wool rug always feels great underfoot. The bedroom is a great place to bring in a tactile rug to add some romance. It is one of the easiest and quickest ways to upgrade you master suite into a romantic retreat. Even if you have carpeted floors, you can add a rug to bring in the texture

9 - Add Cozy Color

The master bedroom is a great way to add some unexpected color. I love to go bold and create a cocoon-like feeling, and a deep accent wall does the trick every time. Some people fear that a deep dark color will close the room in, but it is actually the opposite when coupled with contrasting color in the foreground. Besides, a bedroom is meant to be super cozy and romantic

10 - Recreate a romantic getaway

Did you love the decor in your resort on your honeymoon, or on that romantic trip just the two of you? Why not recreate the elements that you loved the most in your own master retreat. How romantic would that be if you had a constance reminder of something special that you shared with the one you love.

Rendering concept by Veronica Solomon
Design Custom By Veronica Solomon | Rendered By Niger Studio

I am here in Paris, the world's most romantic city, and was so inspired to write this post to help you create a romantic retreat just in time for Valentine's Day. It is just a few weeks away so time to get started. Celebrate your love in style with the quick and easy elements, and you and your sweetie will fall in love all over again.

Thanks for stopping by!


All images not labeled as "Designed by Veronica Solomon | Casa Vilora Interiors" provided by Hello PR Group

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