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10 Tips For Choosing And Styling Your Console Tables

Consoles, not to be outdone by coffee tables have functional purposes in a room and definitely supports the overall look to a well-designed room. They are perfect for filling a dead space in a narrow hallway or behind a sofa, or on either side of a fireplace.

Adding a console in a room can be a perfect area for a vignette, displaying some favorite treasures.

Your home should be filled with things you love - things that bring back special memories and bring you joy.

Here are ten things to keep in mind as you choose the right console table for your home, and how to style it.

Tip #1 Go Unconventional

Consoles are available in all shapes and sizes. Why not trying something a bit unconventional like a zebra hair on hide upholstered version? A bit of a custom touch goes a long way to showing off your personality and style.

The one shown above is from The Veronica Solomon Style Collection. They can be ordered in your choice of fabric, leather, vinyl or hide and available with your choice of dimensions. reach out to learn more

If you like the idea of unconventional but maybe not so much the commitment of zebra print, you can opt for a classic detail like greek key, like the one shown below.

This is also a hair on hide but in black and a bit more tame than the wild zebra print

Tip #2 Go Skirted

Skirted tables aren't as popular as they use to be. Round skirted tables were often used in traditional style rooms to fill a corner and beautiful trinkets added on top. These days, people use a plant or floor lamp to fill empty corners.

But how about if we make skirted console tables a thing?

With a skirted console table, you get to add a gorgeous fabric to bring in some additional patterns, especially in a maximalist space.

The great thing is that it could be any old table, even if it has seen better days.

The best skirt is something that is very tailored like the box pleat version above, also available from The Veronica Solomon Style Collection.

Be sure to pop a piece of glass on top to keep your decorations stable and protect the fabric from dirt and stains.

Tip #3 Choose A Console With Shelves.

Maybe it's just me, but I love having tons of surfaces to display all my collections. A console with a shelf or two is a great place to add some extra display space for showing off some special treasures.

Here we are using an antelope pattern upholstered console from The Veronica Solomon Style Collection as a bar in a dining room.

There was already a sideboard in this room, but it still felt like it needed another piece. This console was perfect! It fills this wall very well and provides room for displaying barware

#4 Use A Bar Cart

Bar Cart As Console Cleverly Placed Infront Of A Rarely Used Doorway To A Closet

Bar Cart As Console Used Between Two Wing Chairs

The small bar cart above was on its way to storage because there was no room for it in my home. I had this clever idea to use it as a console in this awkward area near the entry of my house.

The space was not large enough for a piece of furniture, but felt too open. The perfect solution was to use this hardly used doorway to a closet as a wall.

Instead of bar paraphernalia, I opted to display some of my treasured vintage books.

The cart rolls away easily when we need to access the storage underneath the stairs.

#5 Skinny Hallways Deserve Console Love Too

Did I not say that consoles come in all shapes and sizes? Haha. This one is only about 9" deep! It was perfect for this wall in front of my son's bedroom.

Skinny Console With Glass Top In A Narrow Hallway

Skinny Console With Glass Top In A Narrow Hallway

The slim clean lines and glass top makes it feel nice and open and not crowded at all.

It fits perfectly behind this closet door in this narrow hallway.

Check out my Amazon Shop for a variety of skinny consoles HERE

#6 Go For The Unique

The console table itself can be what brings in the personality into a space, and not necessarily what you use to style it.

Here we used this one of a kind piece for our client's living room. The soaring ceilings and fresh white on white color palette benefited from the heavier feel of the media center and the console table

The legs are made of iron and the top is a chunky slab of wood with worm holes.

And check out the bolts used to attach the top to the legs! Fabulous!

#7 Materials Matter

In each space I design, I try to bring in a variety of materials in each room. A diverse mix of materials help to make the room feel more collected and storied. The opposite of catalog decorating that I wrote about not too long ago HERE

Mid Century Inspired Living Room Designed By Veronica Solomon

In this modern and neutral room, the materials mattered a lot. The various materials brought a ton of texture and depth to the space.

The base of the table is french brass and the top is chiseled Agaria marble. It is such a gorgeous piece in this room, and perfect to anchor a floating sofa.

Tip #8 Opportunity For Extra Seating

If you have a small space and seating is at a premium and you entertain a lot, choosing a console with an open base will allow you to bring in additional seating - even if it's just some garden stools.

Living Room Designed By Veronica Solomon

Living Room Designed By Veronica Solomon

Living Room Designed By Veronica Solomon

We try to being them in as much as possible in our design work. There's never too much seating as long as it is well planned out and it fits the space.

#9 Dressers and Credenzas Work Too

I love using dressers, credenzas and sideboards as consoles for extra storage.

They are sometimes necessary as well to visually anchor, or add visual weight to a wall.

In the image above, we used two of these credenzas on each side of this two story fireplace wall.

We still wanted to keep things light in this room, so we chose this credenza for the two-tone and mostly white finish.

#10 Styling Your Consoles

Depending on where your console is located in the room, and what the function of the room is, you can decorate it in several different ways.

We even go as far as turning them into bars as you saw above, so there is really no limit to how you can style your consoles. I think the function should come first when deciding what decorative pieces to add to your console.

Whatever you decide to add, the layout matters, to keep it from looking cluttered.

If you place the console against a wall, then it is a great opportunity to hang a wonderful piece of art, or a mirror above it. Mirrors are perfect if your console is located in an entry way.

Entwined Dolphin Mirror Available In Our Shop

I also love to include a lamp on one side of the console table for some additional lighting.

Client Sitting Room With Console She Already Owned And Loved

I prefer a more asymmetrical arrangement, so I usually avoid a matching pair of lamps on each side.

Vignette At the Casa Vilora Interiors Studio From Several Years Ago

If A Console Is Against A Wall

As mentioned above, if the console table is against a wall, I will add a piece of art or mirror above. I go for a really "poppy" piece of art as much as I can get away with. While the mirror needs to be functional, it can have an elaborate frame or unusual shape to it, so it feels like an art piece.

I will then add a lamp, plant or a larger object on the left side. I usually add the tallest object on the left because I think that's how the eye naturally views an asymmetrical arrangement.

On the right side I will add the second largest piece - maybe a sculpture, temple jar or floral arrangement. I love including florals or greenery to help soften a vignette.

Depending on how wide the console is, you may be able to add a few more objects in the center. I go for something lower, but in proportion to the other objects. Typically I will do a stack of books, with a jar, box or an object on top.

I like to overlap pieces to add some dimension and show relationship between pieces.

The photo above is a good example of how I like to style a console.

Here are a few of my favorite accessory items perfect for styling your console.

Scroll to see them all. You can purchase right from the link

A Chunk Of Reclaimed Wood Makes A Great Console Table

If the console is behind a sofa or not in front of a wall

This means that you need to watch the height of the pieces.

Anything that is too tall could get pushed over easily with kids jumping in the sofa, or it could block the view of the television from another area in the room.

Lamps are usually not super practical because there may not be floor plugs, or they may be too tall. If you decide to use lamps, then go for something no more than about 28" tall.

Here are some great lamps to inspire you

Scroll to see them all.

Of course you want to measure your space before choosing a console table. They come in several widths (roughly 60, 64, 72, 84, 88) and depths (12, 16, 18, 22, 24). These are not necessarily standard measurements, but these are close to the dimensions we often find. The height should be no less than about 28-30 if it will be placed against a wall, but lower is good if it will be placed behind a sofa. Be sure to measure the height of the back of your sofa with back cushions to make sure your console isn't way taller. That tends to look disproportionate. Keep in mind that modern/mid-century style sofas are usually lower than most.

Take a look at 101 of my favorite consoles (like, how do you choose? :-) )

Scroll to see them all. You can purchase right from the links.

Now that you've learned all there is about choosing and styling your console tables, how will you style your console table? Sound off in the comments below. You can even share a photo with us if you like.

Console Vignette Styled By Veronica Solomon

If you need help with some finishing touches, take a look at our Finishing Touches service

Pin this for easy reference.

Wishing You Beauty And Inspiration!


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Apr 06, 2023

Your post has great info and styling suggestions. (I think) you left out the word "table/s" a number of times, making it very me. A console table's purpose is to hold a gaming console, no?

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