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3 Main Things To Keep In Mind When You Purchase Custom Draperies For Your Home

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

There is no question that purchasing custom draperies for your home is a big investment. It is however a very good investment in the look and functionality of each space.

Custom silk drapery panels with trim detail on the leading edge

It is best that you engage a design professional to assist you with all the specifics and details that go into specifying custom drapery. The room's exposure, whether or not privacy is needed, the style of the space, the height of the wall the need for functionality, are all factors that need to be considered.

At Casa Vilora Interiors, we have been designing and fabricating custom draperies for over 13 years. We understand what it takes to make your investment worthwhile.

Gauzy white semi-sheer linen drapery panels with greek key trim on two story windows

There is a lot of conversation that happens upfront before we even put pencil to paper to design your perfectly tailored draperies.

The first main thing to keep in mind is TIMELESSNESS

Custom silk drapery panels with trim on leading edge and french pleat header

We all know that home fashion trends go in and out with the passage of time. We have seen our fair share of draperies from the 1980's and before. The style, fabric patterns and colors are a dead giveaway. While we cannot 100% say that you will be madly in love with your custom draperies 40 years from now, we are confident in our expertise and knowing what will last the test of time

We have swapped the overdone, traditional style draperies with swags and jabots for clean, simple and sophisticated. Simple drapery panels are a great choice that will remain timeless and relevant years from now. The header, which is the pleat at the top can be chosen to speak to the style you are after. For example, pinch pleats will feel a bit more traditional than the french pleats shown in the photo above.

The fabric type as well can mean the difference between a more formal space and a more casual space. Silks tend to have a more formal feeling than linen or cotton.

The second main thing to keep in mind is YOUR TOLERANCE for the same look over time

Off-white linen/cotton blend drapery panels with trim detail

We have worked with clients with varying personalities. Some prefer to decorate once and keep it that way forever, and others love the idea of switching things up every couple of years. Depending on where you fall on that spectrum, your tolerance level for looking at the same draperies for a long time must be considered.

Draperies will be one of the key focal points in any space, so they will be viewed all the time you are in the room

The best approach if your tolerance level is low for looking at the same element all the time, is to keep them so "quiet" that they don't stand out too much. They take on a background, supporting role in the room, instead of being the star

This means that you should choose a plain fabric without a pattern in a color that is fairly similar to the wall color. You can add some interest, and a bit of an accent by adding trim to the leading edges.

The draperies will make an understated but elegant statement in the room.

The third main thing to keep in mind is UNDERSTANDING YOUR NEEDS

Layered window treatment - custom roman shades with gauzy linen decorative drapery panels

I cannot tell you how many times I visit with a client about custom draperies and the vision that they express to me is yards and yards of fabric that they can close at night and open in the daytime. We call that functional draperies.

Functional draperies are not necessary in most cases, and in fact are not always as desirable since they can feel heavy in the room. In some cases where they are a sheer fabric, it is best to add a lot of fabric for more fullness.

The first question is whether you need the privacy and light control, and the next thing is how will it function.

Semi sheer drapery panels on a two story window with roller shades for privacy

Clients typically desire privacy and light control, which is usually why they expect draperies that open and close.

We typically recommend layering in this case. Layering means that we will install a "hard window treatment" like roller shades, roman shades, blinds, shutters, as the privacy and light control layer, and then add "decorative panels", which means that they are not meant to function, for some softness and give height to the room.

Both layers are necessary for the overall look. In the case where functional or open and close drapery panels are installed, it means that if light control and privacy is desired in the day time, closing the draperies will mean loss of light and views altogether. Layering provides more options

Color blocked linen drapery panels on two story wall

How will the open and close draperies function is another question to ask. The last thing you want to be doing is grabbing onto the drapery panels everyday in order to open and close them, especially on two story windows. Constantly pulling heavy draperies back and forth on the rod can begin to affect the integrity of the installation over time, plus the oils on the skin will affect the fabric.

In this case, if you must have functional draperies that open and close, then it is recommended to do a traverse rod with a cord or wand pull. Instead of grabbing the draperies, you pull on the wand or cord to open and close

Custom linen sheer drapery panels on custom designed rods to fit an odd window wall

Here's a bonus......

The fourth main thing to keep in mind is FABRIC CONTENT

Custom black silk drapery panels with trim detail

The fiber content of the fabric is perhaps one of the most important things that consumers can easily overlook without the help of a design professional.

Some fabrics will not perform well in certain setting. Some will not hang very well on the windows and that will always cheapen the look of your custom draperies.

A heavy, thick, woven fabric will perhaps not hang as well as a linen and cotton blend. 100% polyester fabrics typically don't hang as well. Some can be "trained" in the workroom and onsite by tying the pleats together at the base and adding drapery weight, but that sometimes isn't enough. Gravity and the fabric's characteristics will win eventually.

Some silks and linens, because they are natural fibers can breakdown over time if they are exposed to harsh afternoon sun. Lining and interlining can help extend the life of the fabric as well as give it structure. The type of lining is also a factor to consider. There are many options available.

Fabric colors can fade from direct sunlight as well.

Custom orange silk drapery panels

We can assess the conditions of the space and recommend the perfect fabric for your drapery panels

Wishing You Beauty And Inspiration!


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