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3 reasons why you need an interior designer for your next project

Are you more of a visual person when it comes to decorating your home? Do you have a hard time envisioning pieces in your home and how they will come together for a cohesive and well pulled together design?

If you answered yes to any of the two questions or to both, then you need an Interior Designer for your next project.

Most people will answer yes to both of these questions. After all, it requires special talent, skills and training to be able to “see” an empty room beautifully decorated with all the pieces in place and then create it. Homeowners will know individual pieces that they love, but will sometimes make mistakes when it comes to pulling it all together in a beautiful way.

It is not a luxury to hire an Interior Designer which seems to be a common misconception. It is everyone’s RIGHT to come home to a beautifully decorated home, that is also comfortable and functions well for their lifestyle. In years past, decorating was more for the elite and folks with huge budgets, but these days, Interior Design is much more accessible to anyone who desires a beautiful home whether they have a large budget or not.

In my design practice, I help homeowners with anything ranging from a full remodel and decorating of an entire home, to helping an apartment dweller with a room design that they can tackle themselves over time. So budget (or lack of it) does not have to be a hindrance to having a professionally decorated home.

Here are 3 reasons why you need an Interior Designer for your next project:

1) One of the key reasons why clients need me is that I help them visualize the finished design. I start with a floor plan drawn to scale, showing the furniture placement so they can clearly see the traffic pattern of the finished room. Here’s an example that I have shared with you before.

interior designer in katy, interior decorator in katy

Living Room Furniture Plan

In the above example, this client already owned a few of the pieces and just was not sure how to incorporate more seating and still make it conducive to TV watching and entertaining guests. She called me in  to help her with a furniture layout, color scheme, picking out a few more pieces to complete the room, window treatments and accessorizing. I wanted to replace the sofa with a sofa/chaise as shown in the mood board below, but client wanted to stay within her budget, and a new piece would have pushed her way over.

I also provided her with a mood board showing the key pieces so that she can see just how her room will come together.

Here’s an example of a mood board. This was one option for the client’s living room. I like to provide them with at least two options for furniture layouts and mood boards.

 Living Room

2) Another very important reason for why you need an Interior Designer for your next project is the budgeting, spending and just managing the project. Our goal is not to spend as much money as possible, we are actually trying to save you money.

Interior Designers usually receive wholesale prices and can afford to sell furnishings to clients for less than what they would pay retail. They also receive discounts off retail prices that they sometimes will pass on to their clients. An Interior Designer will have knowledge of the best resources and where to find beautiful and unique pieces. We are experts at managing budgets, so you will actually save money by hiring an Interior Designer. We plan your project, so that each piece we purchase will work for the space – therefore no buying mistakes

3)  The third reason is the harsh reality of things going wrong. When you are working on a design project a lot of details come together to make it happen. Things sometimes go wrong, most of which are out of your control – Items  that you need are on backorder, items arrive broken or missing, deliveries run late, subcontractors show up late, and a host of other issues. An Interior Designer is very familiar with these problems and are well versed on how to handle them and are sure to keep the project on schedule for completion. So for your own sanity, you need an Interior Designer to manage your project for you.

interior designer in katy

Unless you absolutely enjoy the process of decorating your own home, there is really no need to overwhelm yourself with all the details that goes into decorating a space. An Interior Designer like myself can make it a fun and easy process for you. All you have to do is make a few decisions upfront and then sit back and enjoy a beautiful home.

Please reach out to us if you need help with any space in your home. Our Mail order Decorator service (e-Design) makes it possible to utilize our design services even if you live outside of the Houston area. Please click here to see details about that service.

You can also visit our promotions page to view our current Summer Promotions. Click here

Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday!

Be Inspired!

interior designer in katy

Veronica Solomon Owner/Lead Designer Casa Vilora Interiors

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