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5 Design Details To Do More Of In 2022 And Beyond

As a designer, there are certain decorating elements or details that are timeless for me. You can often find some representation of them in my designs. Things like a stack of books, blue and white chinoiserie pottery, just to name a few.

There are a few details I have been doing a lot more lately, and I can totally see them being added to my list of favorite, timeless elements.

Detail 1 - Upholstered Occasional Tables

Imagine being able to add a functional piece of furniture in your room in any material or finish that suits you.

Upholstered Bar

I love this idea of full customization of occasional pieces so much that I launched my own custom collection, Veronica Solomon Style Collection, which includes writing desks, consoles, bars, coffee tables in any fabric, leather, hair on hide.

You are able to customize these in any size, style and fabric or leather to suit your interior decor.

This is a great opportunity to bring in an interesting custom piece that is just your personality.

I enjoy using hair on hide for additional texture with nail head details for a nice accent.

Detail 2 - Tricked Out Laundry Room

I am personally not a fan of doing laundry. But the chances are much better of getting a load or two done if the laundry room is well-appointed.

Layered Laundry Room In Katy TX

Laundry rooms are often neglected since they are meant to be more utilitarian. But these days, laundry rooms have come a long way. More and more people are expressing themselves and treating this space as an extension of how they decorate the rest of their home.

The first thing to address is proper storage and a surface to get work done. Form follows function in this space. Just like powder rooms are smaller and a great space to go super bold, the laundry room can be the same.

Select a bold paint color or wallpaper or both and include a beautiful light fixture to finish the space.

Detail 3 - Wallpapered Ceiling

The ceiling being the 5th wall is always something I keep in mind as I am designing any room.

Kid's Bedroom Hangout In The Woodlands TX In Stylized Cloud Grasscloth Wallpaper

It is always a good idea to add an element that will cause the eye to look up and take in the entire room.

Dining Room With Wallpaper Ceiling And Banana Bark Wallpaper Walls
Wallpaper Ceiling In Katy Dining Room

Wallpaper is one of those elements that can really add drama and uniqueness to a room.

The bedroom above was done about 7 years ago. So it is clearly something I have loved for a long time, and clearly something that has remained timeless.

Detail 4 - Millwork

This is one detail that will forever be a favorite of mine. Millwork will forever be a timeless element in my book, and I try to incorporate it as much as possible to give a space architectural significance.

Katy TX Living Room

Whether it's just adding some crown molding, wainscoting or full on paneling, millwork immediately elevates any room.

Foyer In katy TX

Millwork is usually treated as a part of the trim detail in a room, so they are often painted white. But it is also a great opportunity to bring in a bold color or a dark neutral.

Holistic Health Office In Spring TX

Detail 5 - Tricked Out Home Office

Home offices have become a lot more of a necessity these days.

A lot of companies have added remote work instead of having their employees return to the office post-pandemic. So home offices have to not just be a place to set up a computer, but a place to get some serious work done.

This means that they have to be inspiring if people are to spend a lot of time in their home offices.

Katy Guest bedroom Turned Home Office

Even without a dedicated space for a home office, an office space can be carved out in a bedroom or kitchen area.

What other design detail can you think of that you'd like to see more of? Comment below.

Reach out anytime if you need help incorporating these, and other timeless design details into your home.

Wishing You Beauty & Inspiration!


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