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5 Ways Your Home Can Make You More Confident

TV lounge with fiddle leaf fig tree
TV Lounge Designed By Veronica Solomon | Casa Vilora Interiors

I know, I know! That is a pretty bold statement, but I am a big believer in the fact that your home reflects who you are, or at least who you want to be deep down inside.

I think you know what I mean. You walk into your home, and what feeling does it evoke? Maybe it causes you stress because things are not the way you want them currently. Maybe it feels cozy and warm because the decor reflects that. Maybe it feels "temporary" because you moved in a year ago and still have stuff in boxes.

But what if you could walk into your home and feel confident? And even when you leave to face the outside world, that confidence goes with you? What if you can finally entertain your friends, family and even clients? What if your home is a symbol of your hard work and the things you have accomplished, or even where you are headed next in your life's adventure? What if it represented your design aesthetic?

TV lounge with upholstered leather nesting coffee tables
TV Lounge Designed By Veronica Solomon | Casa Vilora Interiors

Fortunately we don't have to do the what if scenarios, because your home can be all that and more for you. Your home can actually help build your confidence in real life.

Bubble gum blowing gallery wall
TV Lounge Designed by Veronica Solomon | Photography by Colleen Scott

So what are some ways your home can make you confident? Here are 5 things:

1- Your home is definitely a safe place where it is ok to be different and express yourself through your decor. Creativity and self-expression are great confidence boosters. When you walk into your home and it represents your personality and supports your lifestyle, there is a great sense of fulfillment and joy. Your home should support your favorite hobbies, and carving out a special place to enjoy time working on a creative project, or reading, or whatever you love to do, directly impacts your confidence.

TV lounge with black velvet sofas and zebra rug
TV Lounge Designed by Veronica Solomon | Casa Vilora Interiors

2- Experimenting with bold pattern and color often boosts confidence. Maybe you are an introvert and color and a great pattern mix in your home is your way of showing boldness. It takes a certain amount of courage and confidence to go wild with color and pattern. Just like you have an individual and unique style in your fashion choices, you can bring that same attitude to the way you decorate your home.

TV lounge with black velvet sofas and zebra rug
TV Lounge Designed By Veronica Solomon

3- Decorating with family heirloom as and collections can be a great confidence booster. There is nothing that grounds you more than a sense of history and family legacy. Surrounding yourself with the "stuff" that are meaningful to you can have a lasting impression on your happiness and confidence. Imagine your home telling the story of your heritage and history

TV lounge with drapery in a pineapple fabric, shutters and fiddle leaf fig plant in a basket
TV Lounge Designed by Veronica Solomon

4- An organized home helps you create order in your life, which in turn helps your confidence. When your home reflects true harmony and balance, it positively affects your well-being. When you create an uncluttered home where everything is in its rightful place, there is no anxiety, chaos and stress. It frees your mind to take in only the things that will allow you to grow as a person.

TV lounge with pineapple fabric on draperies
TV Lounge Designed By Veronica Solomon Photographed by Colleen Scott

5- Bringing in nature through plants, florals and great natural light is a great energy booster. When you are energized and feel connected to nature, you can't help but feeling nurtured and comforted. These are all positive attitudes that boost confidence.

Wall mounted TV with vignette of art and greenery
TV Lounge Designed By Veronica Solomon

Some folks think that a well designed home is a luxury or has no impact on your life, but that is just not true. Your home is possibly where you spend most of your time, and whether you know it or not, the way your home feels directly impacts your mood, attitude and even your confidence.

Whether you choose to hire an interior designer to help you create your ideal home, or you decide to tackle it yourself, it is one of the necessities that will help improve your lifestyle.

We are happy to help you create your ideal home. Book an in home consultation with us to get started.

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