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6 Coffee Table Styling Ideas

Layering is a very important element in a well designed room. Adding accessories and greenery is the final layer that gives a room personality and depth. Accessories help tell a story about the occupants of the space, and can be great conversation starters when entertaining guests

Styling bookcases and table tops is a wonderful way to add this final layer. Check out two recent posts on bookcase styling HERE and HERE

Coffee table styling can be fun, but often times homeowners find it to be a challenge. It is hard to balance aesthetic with function. Or maybe they have small children and not sure what would be safe to display.

Keep the function of the room in mind as you decide what to display. Do you watch TV in the room? Do you sometimes eat dinner while watching TV? Do you read the paper, magazines or books in the room? Do you entertain a lot?

Once you answer these questions, it is easier to decide what to display. The size, shape and style of your table will also help you decide

Let's dive into a few tips to make styling your coffee table easy and fun

Idea 1

Use boxes to hide things like remote controls and coasters. When coasters are pretty, I like displaying them as another texture in the room

These glass shadow boxes from West Elm are a great addition to this coffee table vignette. They are perfect for containing items that you like to show but want them out of the way a bit.

Idea 2

Use books to add height and fill a large coffee table

Be sure to use large hard cover coffee table books. In the photo above, we used four stacks of books to vary the heights of objects all around the table.

Idea 3

Use trays to coral items on the coffee table

Adding a tray as a separate vignette on a coffee table is a great way to add dimension and another texture to the space.

Idea 4

Add floral or greenery for a fresh, lively feel

Faux florals work as well as real ones. Just be sure to use high quality faux florals. This is something that can be switched out seasonally to change things up a bit

Idea 5

Use an interesting object as a focal point

On this coffee table, our interesting object is the bust. It adds some strength to the arrangement and a great focal point

Idea 6

Fill gaps with smaller unique objects

Here we used the Chinese calligraphy brushes to add some dimension and fill any small open space in the arrangement

So there you have it - a few great ideas to get started with your coffee table styling.

Need some more in depth and focused guidance? You can schedule one of our virtual design sessions HERE

Wishing You Beauty And Inspiration!


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