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A Passionate Designer Is Always A Student

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

I’m sure it is true for most professions, that the professional should seek to learn more and sharpen their skills in their chosen field. As an Interior Designer, not only is it a requirement, but our industry continues to evolve, and as trends come and go, it is in our best interest to stay in the know, and always seek to learn and grow. Whether it is taking the required CEU’s (Continued Education Units), visiting Market events like High Point Furniture Market, attending seminars, or viewing showcase houses, like I did this weekend, it is very necessary to aspire to be the best you can be. I just read a wonderful article yesterday about using the tools in your toolbox and not just collecting them, and that really hit home for me. My passion for what I do has always made me curious and excited to learn about new products, or a new way of doing things. I am always eager to acquire some new information that feeds my creativity and help me be a better designer.

So as I mentioned, I visited a showcase home this weekend in the Tanglewood neighborhood of Houston. The home was built by Prestige Builders and the designer was Lucinda Loya. She is a very successful houston based designer, whom I admire, and I wanted to take a closer look at her work, and maybe learn a thing or two. I certainly was inspired, and I thought I would share some of the highlights of the tour with you.


The contemporary design of the structure is an architectural gem, that could have easily stuck out like a sore thumb in this otherwise traditional neighborhood. But instead fits right into the landscape and enhances this beautiful neighborhood. As you walk through the front entrance, you are greeted by a beautiful lap pool, that takes full advantage of this very small lot

photo (14)

Entering the home, you discover a very user friendly layout and wonderful use of a not-so-big three storey space. Looking further, you discover a treasure trove of fine art (expensive art :-)) and well thought out eclectic furnishings and accessories that were very visually appealing.

Here are a few of my favorite things:

photo (12)

The third floor sitting room and roof top deck was my absolute favorite space. It boasted a great fireplace (not shown) that I can just imagine curling up to on a chilly evening.

photo (7)

photo 8

The master bedroom and bathroom were also a great feast to my eyes. I am just completely in love with the tub and the chevron patterned shower wall tiles. Just magnificent!

photo (9)

photo 10

The other two bedrooms were great as well. I loved the punch of pink in the one above. The light fixture also caught my eye….it is made up of tiny bells….very creative and fabulously quirky!

Here’s the rest of the home that I was able to capture on camera

photo (5)

That’s the living room with my friend Aimee standing by.

photo (6)

This is a view to the dining room with a very impressive piece of art! Loved all the artful chairs as well.

photo (15)

photo (16)

The family room and kitchen area.

photo (2)

And finally, this drool-worthy powder room was absolutely fabulous! Loved every bit of it. My picture does not do it justice, but you get the idea.

Overall I was quite impressed by the space and the decoration of it. Very artistic and eclectic in style, but was still inviting. The home is being sold for $1.4M (not sure if furnishings are included).

Thanks for taking the free version of the tour with me (I had to pay $20 :-)). Hope you enjoyed it, and maybe even learned something new!

Be Inspired!

Veronica Solomon

Veronica Solomon

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