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A Roundup Of Perfect Pillows To Level Up Your Decor

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

One of the easiest ways to level up your decor is to add a mix of throw pillows to your seating.

Pillows are not just pretty to look at, but they of course offer comfort, so they are a worthwhile investment.

Pretty Cheetah Print Lumbar Pillow

The patterns you choose, say a lot about your personality, so your home will feel more meaningful to you.

One thing that homeowners forget is that the insert is just as important as the fabric selection. You want them to look plush and luxurious. You know, the ones that you can "karate chop"? Karate chopping means that the pillows will hold their shape without being too firm and stiff.

Feather down is great, but there are alternative options that are hypo-allergenic like the down-synthetic options below.

This LINK will lead you to some of my favorites on Etsy

One question we get, is how many pillows are appropriate in a sofa.

It depends on the look you're going for, but 3-5 is usually a good rule of thumb. If your space is more maximalist, then you could use more. Just be sure there is enough area for sitting without having to remove the pillows each time.

I typically arrange 3 pillows by placing two on one side of the sofa (usually the left side), overlapping each other, and then one on the right side.

When I am using 5 pillows, I do 2 on each side of the sofa, overlapping each other and one in the center, like the sofa grouping below.

A Sofa Vignette With 5 Pillows. Notice How They Overlap?

Overlapping is very important, as it showcases the all important "layers" that gives a space a more luxe look.

Sofa Vignette With Le Zebre Pillow. Designed By Veronica Solomon

Another question we get a lot is what sizes should be used.

I am not a fan of smaller pillows, but they are sometimes necessary in smaller chairs. In smaller occasional chairs I tend to use 18x18 or a rectangular shape (or lumbar) 12x20. Lumbar pillows are also a great addition as the 6th pillow on a sofa. I typically place one in front of a larger square pillow in the center.

12x20 Chinoiserie Lumbar Pillow

I usually use 22x22 square pillows in a sofa; 20x20 for a sofa that is a lower profile. Two 22x22 can easily overlap each other on each side of the sofa if you use a high quality pillow with a "karate choppable" insert.

The biggest question of all is how to combine patterns for a luxurious and sophisticated look.

Depending on your style and personality, you can go with the craziest mix of color and pattern you can dream up.

Pillows are pieces that can be changed out as the mood hits you, or seasonally, so this is a great opportunity to think outside of the box a bit.

The first set of 3 pillows below could all work together in the same room and even on the same piece.

Coral With Greek Key | Citrus Garden | Hexagon Purple Pillow

They work because each have the same colors in common. The purple from the pillow on the right can be found in the floral pillow in the middle. Same for the coral color on the left. It pulls the coral out of the middle pillow.

Notice that the patterns are also very different. Geometric, floral and a solid all work well together. The scale of the patterns are also different, so they flow.

One more thing to note is that the most dominant color in each patterned pillow should also be different for the look to be the most successful it can be.

The geometric has the purple as the background and most dominant color, and the floral has white as the most dominant color. This is one of the reasons they work so well.

The touch of greek key trim detail adds a bit of sophistication and another pattern to the mix.

The pattern below is absolutely gorgeous, and adds a more worldly vibe to a space. That is always a great way to give a room a more collected over time feel.

The grouping below shows the Bengal Bazaar pattern in its different colorways.

Bengal Bazaar Magenta | Bengal Bazaar Teal | Bengal Bazaar Gray

The mix below would be perfect in a space that is meant to be monochromatic with layers of blue.

I think when people think monochromatic they think neutrals - although I totally see navy as a neutral. But monochromatic just means that the room is predominantly various tones and shades of one color.

For a monochromatic room to be successful, it must include various tones of the same color, a good pattern mix and lots of textures - both visual and tactile.

Chiang Mai | Betwixt | Baltic Blue Pillow

I am a sucker for cheetah print. In fact, I love every animal print you can imagine.

This grouping below is my favorite.

Notice how the cheetah print color scheme pulls the orangey tones in the floral pillow and the solid blue pulls the blue in the floral pillow.

This would be a wonderful mix in a cream color sofa or even a deep olive green sofa.

There are so many more colors and patterns you could add to this mix, but these are enough to be interesting and gorgeous.

Orangerie Rose | Leopard Velvet | Indigo Blue

If you love pastels, this grouping is for you! Can you see this in a baby girl's bedroom?

Such a precious blend of soft pinks, blues and greens.

Perfect variation in patterns.

Adding a solid to the mix always helps to ground the grouping.

Hummingbirds | Dotted Aquamarine | Blush Velvet

Another favorite pastel from which you could build a very beautiful palette of pinks, purples, blues, chartreuse, grays.

Laura Park Martini Olives

I love the contrasting welt. Always a great custom touch.

Some gorgeous bold colors that would liven up any space

Plum Velvet | Chartreuse Green Velvet | Magenta Fuchsia Berry

And beautiful graphic patterns that are rich and luxe.

Some softer and more subtle colors with beautiful patterns for a fresh and clean space.

Mughal Flower Monsoon | Anshun Paprika And Blue Birds | Queen Of Spain

So what materials should you choose for your pillows?

Quadrille Clementine Windsor Royal | Belgium Cotton Velvet | Blue Abstract Velvet

You definitely want to use fabrics that will hold you to wear and tear. Performance fabrics are a plus. I love to use heavy weight linens, cottons or linen/cotton/poly blends. I also love to use velvets. I try to avoid using silk fabrics for pillows, but may use them depending on the space and how it is used.

A bit of black in a room adds sophistication and depth. The grouping below are a few of my favorite pillows with black. I would not use the two florals together, but the zebra could work with either of them.

Sprig Floral | Pine Hollyhock | Le Zebre

One of my favorite looks for pillows is color-block.

I love that color-blocked pillows are modern but still have a classic undertone.

Check out the various examples in the grouping below.

Mezzo Decorative Pillow | Red and White Color Block | Slash Velvet Pillow

A few more masculine options.

Color Block Linen | Window Pane Gray | Charcoal Gray Stripe

And how about a sphere shape pillow? There's that too!

Sphere Velvet Pillow | Round Pom Pom Pillow | Ball throw Pillow

They are gaining in popularity and look wonderful nestled with a bunch of square pillows. Or for a more modern and minimal look, can stand alone.

Sofa With Sphere Pillows In A Commercial Office Space. Designed By Veronica Solomon. Photographed by Colleen Scott

You may find these perfect pillows and more through THIS LINK

Pin The graphic below for easy reference

So there you have it. My roundup of perfect pillows for your home. There's something for everyone.

Do you see a grouping that may work in your home? Leave a comment or question below.

If you need guidance selecting the perfect pillow grouping for your home, schedule an in-home consultation.

Wishing You Beauty And Inspiration!


This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, I make a small commission at no additional cost to you

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