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#BookCrush: Barefoot Luxury by Sandra Espinet

I am a self-proclaimed book junkie, so imagine the excitement when I got my hands on this beautiful book by Sandra Espinet.

As an interior designer, one of the things that really inspire me is a beautifully illustrated book that showcases the work of a top designer. But not just that; there are plenty of those out there. What really appeals to me is a book that showcases a lifestyle that I myself can aspire to.

Book Review Sandra Espinet Barefoot Luxury
Barefoot Luxury: Mexican Resort Living - Sandra Espinet Book Cover

Book Review Sandra Espinet Barefoot Luxury
Barefoot Luxury Book by Sandra Espinet

Sandra Espinet's book is that and much more. Her work beautifully captures that California casual lifestyle with a lean toward luxury resort living. As a Caribbean girl, I love the thought of being barefoot in a beautiful luxury villa on the beach. Sandra's book epitomizes that, and brings it to the forefront of mind. Her book leaves me dreaming of a fabulous and luxurious Mexican getaway

Book Review Sandra Espinet Barefoot Luxury
Sandra Espinet

Sandra Espinet is a California based celebrity designer who is known for her relaxed luxury, and casual international interiors. She is a world traveler and her experience and extensive travel shows in her approach to design, and of course, her beautiful work. Her clients benefit from her unique perspective of international culture, her exquisite eye for sourcing artisanal furniture, textiles and accessories.

Book Review Sandra Espinet Barefoot Luxury
Barefoot Luxury: Book by Sandra Espinet

The book showcases Sandra's signature style, which is all about ease, comfort, and plush, imaginative escapes. Her anecdotes and design tips will urge you to leave the workaday world behind and escape to the warm weather, glorious sunsets, and grandeur of Mexican luxury living.

Book Review Sandra Espinet Barefoot Luxury
Image Via Sandra Espinet Instagram

Inspiration and great escapes dreaming abound when you dive into this beautiful book. You can snag your very own copy here

Please note - I was given a advance copy of "Barefoot Luxury" in exchange for an honest review. The opinions expressed above are my own and are my honest feelings about the book!

This post contains affiliate links, and I receive a small commission at no additional cost to you, if you purchase through these links.

Wishing You Beauty And Inspiration

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