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#BookCrush: The Nature Of Home – Jeffrey Dungan

Hey Lovelies! I am back today with a new book I just received and I am loving every single ounce of it.

It is a well documented fact how much I love books – especially design books; so it’s no wonder I am often sent advanced copies of new design books to review. It feeds my book loving soul, but I am also very honest with my feedback, and Jeffrey Dungan’s – The Nature Of Home – Creating Timeless Houses, is no exception.

I took some time this past week to really dive into Jeffrey Dungan’s beautiful new book, and I have to say how inspired I was with each page. Every project had me more and more intrigued. And while his style is clearly different from my personal aesthetic, one has to appreciate the mastery and ingenuity that his work possesses.

Jeffrey Dungan Book Cover – Nature Of Home

Acclaimed Southern architect Jeffrey Dungan is recognized for his clean and modern approach to traditional homes. His fresh take on architecture is rooted in the beauty of materials rendered in their natural state. Dungan’s projects poetically embrace clean lines and natural elements, to reveal a timeless home that can be enjoyed by future generations to come.

For Jeffrey, it all starts with the land. Having grown up on a farm, he has a lifelong love affair with the land. “It isn’t something you learn from books” in Jeffrey’s own words, for him, “the land has a powerful momentum. It creates drama with its views. Its rolls. It rises. It falls. I cannot ignore it. In architecture, I must honor it”. That philosophy of the land taking the lead and providing inspiration, is evident in every single project brought to life in his book with more than 240 images, that really showcase Dungan’s approach to architecture, and the importance of elements and materials that honors The Nature Of Home

One of my favorite projects is the beach house at Alys Beach, Florida.

Image via Jeffrey Dungan Photography by William Abranowicz

I am intrigued by this particular home because of the magic that he created on a lot that is just 40’x40′. This a lot that he had long since admired, and when a long time client reached out to him to help them find a beach property, he knew that this was the one. With the limitation of the small lot, this meant that they had to go vertical, while still preserving the views of the greens where they hosted weddings, and of course the amazing views of the gulf of Mexico just beyond the dunes

Image via

Image via Jeffrey Dungan. Photography by William Abranowicz

Image via Jeffrey Dungan. Photography by William Abranowicz

Image via Jeffrey Dungan. Photography by William Abranowicz

I was very drawn to the materials that Jeffrey so thoughtfully chooses for each project. So I wasn’t surprised that an entire chapter was dedicated to the nuances of materials, and what goes into the choices he makes for each home he designs. He believes that “authenticity is the new luxury”, so he is drawn to materials that are honest and help us to feel grounded. He desires to celebrate what is real and true, and materials like stone, wood, plaster, copper in their natural unadorned state are architectural soul mates of light in Jeffrey’s mind. When he considers materials for his interiors, the conversation becomes more intimate, deep and emotional. Since interiors are where we live, we have a more personal contact with materials and the physicality of our surroundings.

This Farmhouse located in Lowndesboro, Alabama is one such project that really celebrates Jeffrey’s masterful use of materials. I was drawn to all the beautiful textures that seem as if they grew from the land. And rightfully so. One of the most interesting thing about farmhouses is that they grow over time with additions of porches and sheds. They grow because the family grows. Jeffrey celebrated that idea in this project by designing the house with a series of interwoven rooflines, accentuated by cedar shakes, as an addition to the small cabin that existed on the 3000 acre property.

It made sense to use rugged and rustic materials which also flowed to the interiors.

Image via Jeffrey Dungan Photography by William Abranowicz

Image via Jeffrey Dungan Photography by William Abranowicz

I have to say that I have a lot more favorites in this book, and this home in Shoal Creek Alabama is definitely one.

This wooded hideaway amid the trees, exudes peace and sanctuary. Rooms are light-filled and livable with amazing flow.

Image via Jeffrey Dungan Photography by Emily Followill

Image via Jeffrey Dungan Photography by Emily Followill

Image via Jeffrey Dungan Photography by Emily Followill

As a designer, I understand fully well when you meet someone and have that immediate connection – perhaps through the love of design, and somehow, even after years, the opportunity to collaborate or work together in some capacity emerges. This story was very heartfelt to me as I went through the book. when a client Jeffrey had met years before and had a connection with, with no project on the horizon, called years later to build on a beautiful property in North Carolina, the stars aligned. The property called Laurel Knob has views that expanded 50 miles in multiple directions.

The conversation about design brought them to an architectural metaphor (and childhood memories) of fire towers built by National Park Service in the late 1800’s. Many of these towers were powerful yet simple structures made of stone. There developed the concept of this home.

Image via Jeffrey Dungan Photography by William Abranowicz

Image via Jeffrey Dungan Photography by William Abranowicz

There are so many beautiful projects, with just as beautiful stories behind how the design for the structure and the interiors developed, but I won’t give anything else away. This book is a must-read; especially if you are a die-hard design and architecture lover. This book is not just for the designer, but it is easy to consume even if you don’t have a design background. The stories of the families who call these spaces home will resonate with you, and you will feel that connection. The beautiful images of the exteriors and interiors will take your breath away! Be prepared to be awed by timeless beauty, authentic artistry, and the human stories behind these beautiful homes.

Jeffrey Dungan

The Nature of Home definitely makes my list of favorites. You can pick up your copy here

And of course, you can catch Jeffrey in person by checking out his book tour schedule here

I absolutely enjoyed reading this beautiful book, and getting to know Jeffrey Dungan through his amazing work.

Get Jeffrey Dungan’s Book here

All images made possible by Hello PR Group. I received an advanced free copy of The Nature of Home in exchange for my honest review. All views expressed are my own. This post contains affiliate links, and I receive a small commission at no additional cost to you, if a purchase is made through these links.

Wishing You Beauty And Inspiration!


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